NBA Swing: Dame Rumors, CP3’s Future, a Washington Rebuild

Could a Dame to Miami Trade Happen?   An interview from Showtime has the basketball world speculating about Damian Lillard’s future once again. During “The Last Stand” podcast with Brian Custer, the two discussed the rumors of hypothetical trades, with multiple teams being brought up. One of those teams was the Miami Heat, with Dame […]

Houston Rockets: Has the team finally turned it around?

After a horrible 1-5 start, the Rockets released Carmelo Anthony and have played much better since. Does this mean the Rockets really have turned things around? Or, does Houston still have bigger problems? Unfortunately, things for the Houston Rockets started off bad. How bad? Well, picture this. The team is one injured Chris Paul away […]

NBA Swing: Coast To Coast

We are almost halfway through what has been a crazy NBA season so far, and we have seen some teams really shine through and show what they can truly do. The Boston Celtics continue to dominate the Eastern Conference, behind star players Kyrie Irving and Al Horford. They have a record of 34-10, and their […]