NBA Swing: Coast To Coast

We are almost halfway through what has been a crazy NBA season so far, and we have seen some teams really shine through and show what they can truly do.

The Boston Celtics continue to dominate the Eastern Conference, behind star players Kyrie Irving and Al Horford. They have a record of 34-10, and their lineup both on the offensive and defensive ends have been unmatched by their opponents. The Toronto Raptors are in second place in that conference, with a record of 29-13. A couple players that have contributed to their success this season are guard DeMar DeRozan and point guard Kyle Lowry. The Raptors have proven that they can succeed all over the court, which is a key to winning a championship. Trailing behind them are the usually-dominant Cleveland Cavaliers, who have had some offensive struggles this season but have still managed to maintain third place. Lebron James and Kevin Love have once again contributed to their season’s success.

In the Western Conference, the Golden State Warriors are once again superior. They have a record of 36-9 and are led by Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. Behind them are the 30-12 Houston Rockets, who have piled on their fair share of offensive action this year. James Harden leads the team in points, with an average of 32.3 per game. Chris Paul has also had a large contribution to the team’s performance, as he has an average of 18.6 points per game, and also leads the team in both assists and steals. If the Rockets can continue to play the way that they are, then they have the chance to beat out the Warriors for first place in the conference. Currently in third place in the West is the San Antonio Spurs, who have a record of 29-16. Key players for them this season have been forward LaMarcus Aldridge and forward Kawhi Leonard. The Minnesota Timberwolves are not too far behind the Spurs, however, so either of these teams can take third place at any point in time.

Both conferences have particular teams that have stood out this season so far, but like I said before, we are still not quite halfway through the season yet, so anything can happen! Be sure to tune in and see who will win the NBA championship this year!

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