Death Threats Should Not Be Accepted Anywhere

Death Threats Should Not Be Accepted Anywhere

I have been a fan of sports since I was born. I am young and will be 38 later this year. I have been a writer for about three years and a podcaster for two and have received my fair share of negative comments. I have also had two death threats that come from cowards that hide behind their keyboards. One of them was just a joke but the other one was for real. It happened in the first year covering the USF Bulls. The one game that I wanted to see in that first year was against the UCF Knights which is their biggest rival in the AAC. The two teams, when they clash, are called the “War on I4.” Interstate four is the main highway that connects Tampa and Orlando. They are about 100 miles apart. That death threat came with a warning.


The warning came with pictures of where I worked and lived. Many told me to call the police. I did not because all they would have said was to be careful. I am assuming that it was going to happen at the game. That is another reason I did not call the police because how were they going to find me with all those people at the game. I was unable to go because I worked late. It just sickening that people would go this far. It happens to athletes as well no matter what level they are at. Remember, in the end, it’s just a game and we are all humans. I do not consider these people fans they are cowards. I love sports and everything about them I like writing and podcasting and just give my opinion on topics. I mean no disrespect to anyone on any team.


The reason I bring it up is that Ohio State Buckeyes player E.J. Liddell got death threats. He and the Buckeyes were the number two seed in this year’s March Madness college basketball tournament. They were upset in the first round by the Oral Roberts Golden Eagles. The reason behind the death threat is because he missed a one-and-one free throw with 37 seconds keeping the Golden Eagles within two points. In the end, they would lose to Oral Roberts in overtime by three points. He played well in the game as he had a team-high 23 points and 14 rebounds. There is no reason why he should have received death threats. His response to the threats was I am human and make mistakes. He is a college basketball player who is representing his university. He should not have to worry about what making mistakes are going to cause.


In the end, sports are supposed to be fun. Whether you play it or are just a fan of sports, there is no need for this type of treatment towards anyone. To me, no matter if a player is a professional or an amateur athlete, they should not get this type of treatment. I am not comparing myself to any athlete but to me, it is dangerous to send death threats. Humans make mistakes and no one is perfect. So why do certain stupid people think that we cannot make mistakes? This needs to stop, not just in sports, but in overall society. We need to pump each other up, not tear each other down.

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