USWNT: A Step In The Right Direction

USWNT: A Step In The Right Direction

A big movement between the USWNT and U.S. Soccer has been made. The national team was going to take U.S. Soccer to court over unequal work conditions. The main reason why is for equal pay. The best part about this is they will not go to court. U.S. Soccer is now going to try and mend the relationship with the USWNT. This, to me, is a big step for both sides. I know that many do not watch or even care about women’s’ soccer. I am not telling what people to watch or not watch. In the USA, there are not many soccer fans because it doesn’t rank high on the popular sports scale. Maybe moments like this will open people’s eyes to it. I am not saying that I am the biggest soccer fan myself, but I do watch the Olympics and World Cup when it is on.


I will also admit that I would much rather watch women’s soccer than men’s soccer. The major reason why is when it comes down to it they win. I was watching in 1999 when they beat China in the finals. I was on the edge of my seat when the game went to penalty kicks. I wrote an article about them winning their latest just a year ago. The USWNT has won the last two World Cups. The US women are on top of the soccer world. Also, I am not calling the men’s soccer team losers or anything. They just have not had the same success as the women have had. The women should get the same pay as the men do. The major reason for that is that many do not watch women’s soccer. There is also a portion of sports fans that think that women are not athletes.


That, I do not agree with. That is where the word sexist still reveals its ugly head. Women are the weaker sex of the two in some people’s eyes. I hate that it still exists in the world and especially in sports. I am hoping that the decision made will help US Women’s soccer moving forward. It will make the current and future players feel that we are equal when it comes to the game of soccer. It will open doors for many things moving forward. I think if they had not come to an agreement it would have been ugly. That is not what the sports world needs. We need to do what’s right and agree. I am not saying because they agree that it will draw more eyes. It will not hurt USWNT or US Soccer moving forward.


This does mean that the USNWT will not go to court with US Soccer which is good and maybe there is a way that they can come to an agreement outside of court. Maybe someday they will get equal pay. In my opinion, they deserve it. It’s not just because they are winning but they are athletes as well. Soccer fans need to stand up and make sure that this happens. It will help non-soccer fans maybe become soccer fans knowing that when it comes to soccer both sexes are equally paid. I am hoping this happens. What is your opinion?

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