Minnesota Vikings: NFL MVP Candidate Dalvin Cook

Minnesota Vikings: NFL MVP Candidate Dalvin Cook

Minnesota Vikings’ running back Dalvin “Purple Blur” Cook is a legitimate NFL MVP candidate. If you have a better nickname than the one I just coined him, be my guest to chime in. After a horrendous 1-5 start, the Vikes (3-5) now find themselves at the halfway point of their 2020 regular-season.

Mr. Cook has had his say as well as his way in Minnesota’s back-to-back divisional victories against the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions in successive weeks. With Green Bay’s stranglehold on the relatively competitive NFC “Norris” North with a 6-2 mark, the Vikings certainly find themselves below the pack in the division.

Based on his awe-inspiring performances in the Vikes last two contests, Dalvin Cook is carrying the load. Solid outings from their stout defense (not quite the ‘Purple People Eaters’ of old) along with vastly-higher play from quarterback Kirk Cousins and Minnesota is moving in the right direction behind their dazzling MVP candidate.

What has Mr. Cook done to breathe new life into the franchise’s fight forward? Absolutely everything. Two-straight games with 200-plus yards from scrimmage with six total touchdowns should do the trick. It has, my friends.

The Vikings seem to have a punchers chance to gain ground in the NFC North. Dalvin Cook continues to provide Minnesota with the dirty work offensively. Slightly off the pace to run wild for a historic 2,000-yard season, there’s no reason to think Dalvin can’t cook-up the numbers in the Vikes last eight games to accomplish the lofty feat.

Currently, Cook has gained 858 yards on 144 touches on the ground. That’s a gargantuan 6.0-yards per carry average. Additionally, 12 trips to the heezy aren’t bad. Through the air, Dalvin has plucked the pigskin 16 times for 173 yards and one TD.

Let’s be clear — No. 33 isn’t just a workhorse RB — he’s a pass-catching machine as well. Standing 5-foot-10 and weighing 209 pounds, the former Florida State Seminoles’ great from Miami, FL, is built perfectly for today’s NFL. Cook exhibits exceptional core strength which allows him to take severe punishment with each touch of the rock.

This young 25-year-old macho man demonstrates speed over size and athleticism over thump. Dalvin does have the ability to lower his shoulder pads in traffic and provide a pad-happy wallop to opposing defenders. Don’t be fooled by his stature, folks.

Superb vision, instincts, quickness, breakaway speed, sick lateral moves, and receiving prowess. All of these are descriptive of Cooks’ extraordinary skill-set. The one and only Adrian “All Day” Peterson eclipsed 2,000 yards in 2012 with a grand total of 2,097, but he never produced back-to-back games with 200-plus yards from scrimmage. Dalvin Cook stands alone in Vikings’ lore.

Blow your Viking horn, gather your favorite snacks and beverages, and watch explosive electricity at its finest. Dalvin Cook will entertain the masses with his pigskin toting and snatching superiority. If the Minnesota Vikings can continue on their “W” marching path, they’ll soon become a legit playoff contender in the NFC.

Another divisional foe awaits the Vikes on Monday Night Football when they’ll battle the Chicago Bears (5-4) at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL.

Until next week, be smart, stay safe, and stay healthy.

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  1. Randy thanks for your latest article about Dalvin Cook and your characterization of him as “Purple Blur” as that certainly depicts his ability to push through any defense. Another great read. ✍️ on

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