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2020 NFL Draft Profile: TCU Receiver Jaelen Reagor

2020 NFL Draft Jaelen Reagor
The 2020 NFL Draft may the deepest class of wide receivers in history. One receiver that fans, reporters, scouts, and coaches need to talk about is TCU receiver, Jaelen Reagor.
He may be extremely short at 5′ 9″ but he possesses Tyreek Hill speed. Reagor is 209 pounds so he actually possesses a muscular frame for a player under 6′ 0″. He will consistently beat defenders up the field. Keeping up with Reagor is asking for a miracle. Reagor also has great athleticism as he has a spectacular catch skill that makes everyone rant and rave. His agility gives him opportunities for big gains of 15 or more yards. He turns his body very quickly and makes sharp cuts. He may be able to lose coverage on short pass plays but he more of a deep route runner. He only caught 43 passes but he averaged 14.2 yards per reception last season. He tallied 611 yards and five touchdown passes. he also scored two touchdowns on special teams.
For those that remember legendary returner Devin Hester, you’re about to have flashbacks. Reagor is a special teams weapon who will flip field position in one play. NFL Coaches that preach special teams win games want to draft Reagor. He is the receiver for teams that want to challenge defenses to a track meet. This mentality worked very well for Kansas City since they won the Super Bowl last season. Hill was the receiver that gave defenses fits last season.
The issue is his height. He probably won’t catch many passes in traffic. He needs to catch passes more consistently. Reagor should catch 60 or more passes a season. Reagor may require an experienced quarterback like Drew Brees or Russell Wilson to get more out of him in his first season. Reagor didn’t have the best quarterbacks to work with. He needs a quarterback who is more accurate. He will be an instant success in vertical offenses like the New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks. He can be an outstanding backup as a third receiver but he has the talent to be a starter in his first season.
2020 NFL Draft Projection: Early second round

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