NFL: Josh Gordon is back for the New England Patriots

The New England Patriots got some good news just a few days ago. Wide receiver Josh Gordon has been conditionally reinstated to the NFL. He was suspended last December for violating the NFL substance-abuse policy. He had received an indefinite suspension for having issues with drugs. He is currently on the nonfootball injury list. The Patriots are hoping he can play in one of the remaining two preseason games. He will big upgrade for the Patriots wide receivers group. After losing tight end Rob Gronkowski to retirement, the Patriots need a weapon like Gordon is.

Now the question that all Patriots fans have is will this be the last time we will see him suspended? Quarterback Tom Brady had dinner with most of the teammates and said he has been trying to help Gordon. Gordon has been a great player and has shown it. The problem that he has is can he stay off the drugs and on the field. Maybe this will be the final time he gets a shot. I am sure that commissioner Roger Goodell will not reinstate Gordon again if he has another setback. Gordon needs to reach out to his teammates so that this doesn’t happen again.

His stats were good from 2018. He had 40 catches for 720 yards and three touchdowns in the 2018-19 season. Of course, they have the likes of Julian Edelman, Phillip Dorsett, and Demaryius Thomas coming off an ACL surgery. The Patriots drafted N’Keal Harry who has shown great strides in the preseason. The Patriots also have long-time special teamer, Matthew Slater. The locks right now are Edelman, Gordon, Harry, and Slater. I would also consider Dorsett because Slater is primarily a special team’s player.

As a Patriots fan, I am happy that Gordon was given another chance. On the other hand, this should be his last. He needs to figure out if football outweighs drugs. Addictions are hard to overcome. I am hoping to see Gordon be a big part of the Patriots as they make a run at seventh Super Bowl title. Like most Patriots fans, we are hoping that he can overcome his addiction and be a star for our beloved Patriots.


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