NBA training camps: How do the Sixers look?

Here is what you need to know for their expectations going into training camp and this season.

NBA training camps

The Sixers open up training camp on September 21, and many expect them to play at a high level this season. The team is looking to get back into the playoffs after last years performance. However, it will take another solid year. That being said, where are the Sixers at in their preseason timeline? Here is what you need to know for their expectations going into training camp and this season.

The Sixers just announced that they hired former player Elton Brand to be their new GM. Brand has been with the organization the past few seasons as a front office member. Moving forward they will have him as their GM but expect it to be a number of people making decisions.

Brett Brown is looking for his team to get further in the playoffs this year, and a big spotlight is on second-year player, Markelle Fultz. Fultz had a shoulder injury and was sidelined most of last season. In addition, he had problems with his shot last season with many thinking he was a bust. This offseason he sat out of a lot of basketball and simply focused on his shot, and according to his trainer, Drew Hanlen, Fultz looks good to go. Brown will be eager to see Fultz in action in hopes to give him a largely increased role to live up to his hype.

Brown will also look for players like Jonah Bolden and Furkan Korkmaz to find their roles. He is going to have those young guys take over some of the roles of lost free agents. Both of them have very high potentials, and Brett is going to need them to step up.

In addition to the young guys stepping up, he will need Mike Muscala and Wilson Chandler to take a bigger role. Both were brought in this offseason, and with their experience, Brown will look for these guys to step up in the locker room.

The Sixers also look for their players from the draft to grow. Being rookies drafted later in the draft, their expectations are not as high, but Brown will surely expect a certain level out of those guys, Landry Shamet in particular since Zhaire Smith is out.

The Sixers and Coach Brown will need their core guys to get better. Ben Simmons has been working on his shot which could be critical for this team. He will need Robert Covington, and Dario Saric to improve on some facets of their game. Embiid will need to be a top center in the league again and a huge defensive presence like always.

Overall the Sixers have a great team that can improve on small things to increase their win total. Brown is looking for his guys to come into training camp as hungry as he is. All of this action will start up on September 21 and continue until the season tips of against the Celtics on October 16.

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