NFL Football: Flag on the Field for Kneeling?

Flag on the field for Kneeling?

As the world continues to change, so does the mindset of the human being. I was always taught to show respect for our military and the flag that represents our country. I also learned that the flag represents freedom and democracy. It symbolizes the innocence, purity, and justice that America stands for. But, that all changed one day when Colin Kaepernick decided he would sit before the National Anthem.

He explained that he did this in protest to the wrongdoing of African Americans across the country that continues to this very day. He did it because we live in a country that wants to turn a blind eye to the injustices and racial profiling that consume our lives each and every day. He did it because as an American citizen he has the right to do so. He is a part of a bigger movement that includes the likes of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul and others using their status to raise awareness to this issue.

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Yet, there are those that feel that this is a disrespect to the military when one kneels before the Anthem and this is just not true. Many men and women have died for the flag and what it represents. The flag represents our right to a free society that includes the right to speak out in protest.

Now, the NFL is looking into what they can do to stop this from happening further. In other words, the NFL is looking into how to infringe on your rights as an American citizen. They are trying to come up with ways to deter the players from doing exactly what the flag stands for and this just isn’t right.

Owners are now currently looking into possibilities like allowing teams to police the matter. They are looking to see if keeping the players in their locker rooms during the anthem. They are also looking into the possibility of a 15-yard penalty for players that kneel during the anthem. Seriously?

I wonder how all the fans really feel about this if they were polled and honest when being polled? Is it right to change our rights as Americans because they refuse to acknowledge the real reason why it was done in the first place? A blind eye is starting to look like an injustice eye if you ask me.

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Players like Eric Ried are paying with their lively hood, not for their lack of performance, but for their desire to express their freedom of speech. Colin Kaepernick has done so much for the needy and he and Reid pay because racism and injustice continue. Because they have the audacity to call out those that continue the oppression that has no place in this world.

Maybe one day, maybe, those that continue this behavior will wake up on the other side of the bed and be the oppressed. I truly believe that it is the only way they will ever be able to see what they have continued to do in this world that is so wrong. I am not one for retribution, but sometimes the tables need to be turned so that wrong finally comes to light.

Either way, we will now see what the league and its owners come up with to deal with the situation at hand. Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, has made it crystal clear how he feels about this. His team is one of the teams that always stands during the anthem.

Don’t get me wrong in this. Personally, I believe we should always stand for the singing of our anthem and for the flag. I am one of those that frown on the ones that do not stand if they are not physically limited from standing. I am one that really gets ticked off when a man does ot remove his hat for the anthem. Yet, I also beleive in our constitutional rights as well.

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