NBA Swing: Portland Trailblazers

The Portland Trailblazers have had a pretty rough season so far.

Currently, they sit in sixth place in the Western Conference with a record of 31-26, they sit behind teams like the unstoppable Golden State Warriors, the Houston Rockets, and the San Antonio Spurs. These three teams seem to have it all: a strong offense, strong defense, and excellent coordination on the court. If a team does not have every ingredient to that recipe, then they will not win games.

The Trailblazers have interesting results because it seems like when they win, it is by a comfortable amount of points. When they lose, it is also sometimes a blowout. They have been very inconsistent, which seems to be what is closing their playoff potential more and more every day. The teams above them in the Western Conference just keep winning, and they can’t seem to deliver when they have chances to close gaps on other teams.

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One key player that has tried to help Portland earn a playoff spot this year is superstar Damian Lillard. He leads the team in points, averaging 25.8 points per game, and is very swift on the court. Watching him play is very intriguing because he has the ability to weave through defenders and make his way to the basket quickly. This is a key skill that is necessary for point guards that want to succeed. Lillard also leads the team in assists, averaging 6.5 per game. The combination of him and former Uconn star Shabazz Napier Рthe team leader in steals Рmakes for a fantastic duo. It is unfortunate that the duo was unable to do enough to lead their team to victory. On the defensive end, Jusuf Nurkic leads the Trailblazers in blocks with 1.3 per game, and in rebounds with 8.1 per game.

Mandatory Credit: Sam Forencich/ Getty Images

Overall, this team has shown their offensive ability this year but lacks the defensive skills they need to be successful. Although Nurkic has contributed in that way, they need more than him to be a championship team. As of now, I do not foresee this team qualifying for the playoffs. They need to discover more team chemistry before they can safely succeed in the playoffs. Based on the gap between them and the Warriors right now, I do not see it being possible for them unless they pull off a miracle.

Mandatory Credit: Steve Dykes/ USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trailblazers are scheduled to play again today (2/14) at 10:30 pm ET against the Golden State Warriors.

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