The World As We Know It……Is Over

The World As We Know It……Is Over

What the hell just happened?

The World As We Know It……Is Over

The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl Champions.

Yes, unfortunately for me, it’s real.

Last night in one of the most exciting Super Bowl games I can remember the Eagles finally raised the Lombardi Trophy and put to bed all the demons that have hung over their franchise and fan base for so many years.

Both offenses were brilliant last night. Tom Brady threw for 505 yards, 3 TD, and no interceptions. Eagles QB Nick Foles threw for 373/1/1 and caught a touchdown as well. It was a Rocky Balboa-esque style heavyweight fight. Shot for shot. Score for score. Hit by hit. And in Balboa fashion, the “underdog” Eagles stood in the face of the defending champs and declared “HIT ME….YOU AIN’T SO BAD!” And in a night where defense was an afterthought, it was the Eagles defense who came up in the moment, the biggest moment and forced Tom Brady’s single biggest mistake, maybe in the entire Pats dynasty.

So my sports world, as a Cowboys fan, is crushed. The hated rival, in the state I live in, is partying and raising that trophy that has eluded my team for since the ‘Boys last won it when I was 10 (22 years ago).

And the worse part? The absolute worst part of the Eagles winning this game last night??? They did it with their 2nd string QB. They did it with countless injuries to key players down their roster. They are the champions of the NFL and Carson Wentz returns next year. Their 50-year-old brilliant head coach, who has balls bigger than the Liberty Bell, returns. Their front office has orchestrated an incredible TEAM that is going nowhere….and meanwhile, my Cowboys have a senile owner, a lame duck coaching staff, and a head coach that can only clap like a buffoon when the team is losing, despite having a roster that should be successful.

Not to be overlooked in the Eagles victory is that the Patriots dynasty may be over. Bill Belichick will be 66 when training camp opens later this year, Tom Brady 41. No QB in the pipeline to replace TB12. Gronk is unsure of his future. NE’s coaching staff is breaking apart to go to other teams. Malcolm Butler was benched last night for a “coach’s decision.” The Pats looked unprepared on defense and, at times, executed poorly on offense.

So here we are. The Eagles are champs. I still can’t believe it. I tried to make deals with the sports gods. It didn’t work. This team was destined to win. Before the game last night I tweeted that I hoped for a good game (we got it) and that the best team won (they did). I don’t want to ever hear again that the sports gods hate Philadelphia because it’s simply not true. In the last 10 years, Philly has 2 world championships and the Flyers played for a Stanley Cup. There’s no longer a curse. And unfortunately for me, this Eagles team is going nowhere.

If there is one silver lining in all of this, it’s that the NFC East is now the first division in the NFL to have every team with a Super Bowl Champion….further proving that it is the greatest division in the league

Enjoy this Philadelphia. For the true fans; the ones who’ve lived and died with them during the highs and lows (not the “Eagles are winning so I’m a fan” crowd)….you deserve this, and your Eagles earned this

-Jim Nies

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