NBA East Coast Swing: Boston Celtics

As the NBA season continues to progress, we focus on a team this week that has had a tremendous performance so far this year. The Boston Celtics are continuing to soar through their season, as they currently hold a 23-6 record as of today. On Monday, they faced a tough loss to the Chicago Bulls, where they were defeated by a score of 108-85. Sunday, they took down the Detroit Pistons, 91-81.

The trade the franchise made prior to the start of the season for Kyrie Irving has proved to be well worth it for this team, as he has been a great addition to their offense. In Sunday’s game against the Pistons, Irving scored 16 points over 34 minutes of play and went 3-4 in three-point shots. Last Friday, the team lost to the San Antonio Spurs by a close score of 105-102. In this game, Kyrie scored 36 points and played 36 minutes total. He went 13-21 in field goal attempts and had a rebound and an assist to add to the statistics. Unfortunately, on Monday, he had to sit out of the game due to an injury in his quad. Kyrie Irving’s unmatched talent and skill certainly helped him to stand out when he was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but he is also a star player for this determined Boston team. It will be exciting to see what he can do as the season goes on.

Another player that has significantly helped the Celtics is Al Horford. He is all over the place with his defensive skills as he leads the team in rebounds, blocks, and assists. In Monday’s game, Horford was in the game for 31 minutes, scoring 15 points. He also had 5 assists and 4 rebounds in that game. On Sunday, he played a great game as well, scoring 18 points and picking up 9 rebounds and 6 assists. Al Horford was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks back in 2007 as the third overall pick. He played with the Hawks for nine seasons before joining the Boston Celtics in 2016. Between Irving and his offensive skills and Horford’ defensive talent, the Celtics should be much more of a threat in the playoffs this year than they have been before.

Other players to look out for in this dangerous lineup are Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, and Marcus Morris, who have all picked up a decent amount of points per game this season and could continue to prosper as the season progresses. With the Cavaliers still very close to catching the Celtics, they must continue to play the way that they have been in order to maintain that first place position in the Eastern Conference. Keep your eye on them as we continue to watch some good basketball!

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