The New York Knicks at 50

It’s difficult to believe it’s been fifty long years since 1972. There have been many changes around the world. Some for the betterment of society. Like technology for example. In 1972 there were no smartphones (let alone cellphones) and home computers. In order to write this article in 1972, my only option would have been […]

Three teams that fit Terry Rozier

Three teams that fit Terry Rozier as we approach the 2019 Free Agency deadline. Terry Rozier is about to hit the free agent market after the Boston Celtics renounced his rights to make room for incoming point guard Kemba Walker. Rozier is going into his 5th season in the NBA and feels its time for […]

NBA Swing: MVP Talk

We have seen some incredible performances and standout players this season in the NBA, but who will win MVP of the Year? Let’s take a look at some of the candidates: 1. Lebron James To nobody’s surprise, this man is once again in the running for MVP of the season. Though the Cavaliers struggled early […]

NBA Swing: Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers, although only in 8th place in the Eastern Conference of the NBA, have recently had much attention in the media, and their fans are very excited. We found out on Monday that Sixers center Jhalil Okafor is basically done in Philadelphia, as he has only played a total of 25 minutes this […]

NBA Swing: New York Knicks

We all know that the NBA season can be full of surprises. Games are played for a reason — you never what is going to happen. Granted the same two teams have faced off in the NBA championship for the last three consecutive years, but that  could easily change this year. The Eastern Conference continues […]

NBA Swing: The Eastern Conference

The NBA season is finally in full gear as teams are starting to click and figure out what they have to do in order to succeed early in this season. Many teams have unexpectedly come out in a much higher position in the rankings than people would have expected them to. The Eastern Conference is surely […]