4 thoughts on “New England Patriots: Will They Start Cam Newton or Mac Jones?

  1. Mac Jones was a reach. He was what, the 3rd or 4th QB taken? Clearly not the best QB from his draft class, so the odds are up against him. He becomes more of a lottery scratch off player than anything else. He went through a good college system and hopefully that can translate into growth in the NFL, but it is not guaranteed.

  2. first there was a reason the other teams passed and mac jones can become great if they develop him. i worry some of the boston press are dangerously close to being racist on the subject of the patriots quarterback

    i am looking forward to watching cam this season he might be great. with the time in the system and the mew weapons

    i hope so, we should all let cam show what he can do

  3. Cam has only one great year out of 10 years “2011”, all others were less then a 60% pass rating. I truly believe Cam will start and may become a similar story like Brady taking over. A good bet is that Belichick wont wait on Cam to develop into his system… Inquiry and or bad play gets Mac a shot at starter.

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