MLB Playoff Picture is Getting Clearer Each Day as Season Winds Down

MLB Playoff Picture is Getting Clearer Each Day as Season Winds Down

There is one more week of baseball to be played and the playoff picture in MLB is more clear. Remember that there was a question as to whether baseball was going to be played at all because of Covid-19. Four days into the season a couple of teams had outbreaks and it looked like the season was going to be canceled.

This would have been a big blow to those betting the odds on sites such as Bet QL. There, many baseball fans go to get their best bet rating, public betting percentage, live line, and more. I am very interested to see how these bets play out with the playoff format MLB just created.

Before last night’s games, teams such as the Rays, Yankees, White Sox, A’s, Twins, Cubs, Dodgers, and Padres had already punched their postseason tickets. Last night, the Atlanta Braves joined this group after beating the Marlins. The Dodgers. already in the playoffs, clinched their eighth straight NL West title with their win over the A’s.

Teams like the Washington Nationals and the Milwaukee Brewers are still in it with a week of play to go. The same goes for the Cincinnati Reds, a team that holds one of the last two spots in the playoffs.

Now, let’s not forget a team a lot of us thought might not be here right now. That team is the Miami Marlins who, along with the St Louis Cardinals, hold the last two spots in the NL playoff picture. It is a big story for Derek Jeter as he has worked hard to build a winning culture in the Marlins clubhouse and organization.

The last thing is probably the biggest thing of all when it comes to the MLB playoffs. The format that has been set up will see eight teams in each league play. All series until the World Series will be played without any off days. This will see managers earning their money as they will have to make decisions such as a four-man or five-man rotation. They will have to depend on middle relief as baseball has never had to do before. It makes for possibly the most complex MLB playoffs we have seen in our lifetime.

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