Maya Moore: An Incredible and Happy Ending

Maya Moore: An Incredible and Happy Ending

Currently, the world is going through change. People are stepping up and making the change count this time. One of those people is WNBA superstar Maya Moore. Moore has been at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter movement. Just recently she gave up two years of her basketball career to help and the person she helped was Jonathan Irons. Irons was serving a 50-year sentence for burglary and assault charges with a gun. Well, just recently Irons, who served 23 years, walked out of a Missouri prison a free man. This happened after Moore publicly funded an appeal for Irons. The appeal helped the charges against Irons to be dismissed and that allowed him to be a free man at the age of 40. This made Moore an incredibly happy person and both her and Irons embraced in a tearful hug.


What I like about this story is the fact that in many cases we look at athletes as just that athletes. In the end, they are people too. This was a great thing that Moore did for Irons. The sacrifice that she made for what she believes in. The lesson learned in this situation does not give up on things that you believe in. In her heart, she believed that Irons was innocent and was not going to give up on that belief. Especially when it comes to someone’s professional career. Many people would not give their time or dedication. This is the type of change that we need to move forward. We all need to start looking at people differently.


Maya Moore should be a person that we can look up too. She believed that Jonathan Irons was innocent and stuck with it until he was set free. We all need to make the change as the world is changing. I know there will be people that read this and do not want the change that is currently happening. I was brought up to respect everyone. That means that I do not care what a person’s skin color or race is. That also means I do not care what sex or sexuality they are. In the end, a person should do what makes them happy. No one should be judged by anything that he or she believes in.


I covered this story on my podcast the Walker Report when I first heard about it. I was incredibly happy with the result. It shows that even athletes can be everyday people. Maya Moore is now a hero amongst people. No matter what happens, Jonathan Irons will always be grateful for what Moore did for him. I hope her return to the WNBA is a great one. I am not sure if she will return this season or wait it out. As we all know we are amid the Covid-19. Many of us sports fans are happy we will have sports soon. But as you can see, Maya Moore put sports aside to make her voice heard. Let us hope we see more of this in the future from everyone so we can all

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