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2020 NFL Draft Profile: Utah State QB Jordan Love Rising Up Big Board

2020 NFL Draft
There is a sudden shift in the big board of the 2020 NFL Draft. Utah State Quarterback Jordan Love played phenomenal in the 2019 season. He proved to fans, media, and front office personnel that he is the future star of the NFL.
The skill that becomes obvious right away is his footwork. Although Love has an awkward motion in which he lifts his back foot, his footwork is solid. He keeps the front foot where it needs to be. He doesn’t show that awkward, sideways footwork that some rookies show us. His front foot is planted like it’s supposed to be. Love’s precision passing ability will give any NFL offense an edge as he will limit turnovers. The combination of solid footwork and precision passing should catch the eyes of offensive coordinators and head coaches.
Love also shows proper throwing mechanics. His throwing motion and delivery are solid. He knows when to throw touch, lob, and bullet passes. Defenses have a tough time rattling Love as he makes outstanding throws under pressure and on the run. His scrambling ability gives him even more of an edge. He scans the field properly to avoid forcing unnecessary passes. He can rifle the ball into tight coverage at times and get away with it. Love has the exact right measurables for an NFL starting quarterback at 6’4″ and 224 pounds. He is an absolute must-have for a team looking for a quick rebuild around a starting quarterback.

He needs to work on not lifting his back foot so he can avoid limited accuracy in the NFL. If he can be comfortable in the pocket without lifting his back foot, he should be even better. He will need to be careful leaving the pocket as he will face bigger and faster defenders. Love needs to make sure he doesn’t leave himself vulnerable to big hits.
2020 NFL Draft Projection- First Round, Top 5 pick. Watch for Love to possibly go to the Dolphins if Miami debates if they should take him or Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa despite Tagovailoa’s injury in 2019.
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