NBA Swing: Miami Heat

NBA Swing: Miami Heat

It’s now March, which means NBA season is slowly winding down. We have some teams that we know should make the playoffs if their seasons continue the way they are like the Toronto Raptors, the Boston Celtics, and the Golden State Warriors. These teams have been on top all season and continue to dominate and show what they have. Though not listed here among the leaders, one team on the rise is the Miami Heat.

Miami is a team that is on the bubble in terms of making the playoffs as of now. They currently have a record of 34-30 and are in 2nd place in the Southeast division behind the Washington Wizards. In their recent game on Sunday, the Heat blew out the Phoenix Suns by a score of 125-103. Hassan Whiteside, who has been a positive contribution all season, led the team with 24 points and 14 rebounds in that game. Throughout the entirety of this season, Whiteside has been more of a defensive help, as he averages 12.0 rebounds per game and 1.7 blocks per game the most of any player on the team. Goran Dragic has been the largest offensive influence on the team this year as he leads the team in points and assists averaging 17.4 per game 4.9 per game respectively. Josh Richardson owns the statistic for steals, as he posts 1.5 of them per night.

These three players have been credited with much of Miami’s success this year. With the team sitting in 7th place in the Eastern Conference and twelve games behind the first-place Raptors, these guys  must continue to play at their absolute best if they want to make a serious playoff run. With Whiteside doing as well as he has been lately, we could start to see more variety in the skills of the other key players on this roster. It is not impossible for the Heat to make the playoffs at this point, but they must win the majority of their games moving forward. If they can slowly inch their way up in the standings, then their playoff chances will be increased.

Catch the Miami Heat live on Thursday, March 8th against the Philadelphia 76ers. Tipoff is at 7:30pm eastern.

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