NBA Swing: A Look Around the NBA This Past Week

The 2017-2018 NBA season is still in full swing, as teams are really starting to show off what they have. The Houston Rockets are a prime example of a team that has been absolutely dominant lately. They have won every game they’ve played since November 16th, and they are currently on a seven-game winning streak. Ever since Chris Paul returned, the team remains 8-0. P.J. Tucker and Luc Mbah a Moute have also been contributing to the team’s success. On Sunday, the Rockets defeated the Los Angeles Lakers by a score of 118-95. Prior to that, they faced the Pacers on Wednesday and beat them 118-97. Every game in their winning streak has been a blowout. They score right and left and other teams have struggled significantly when playing Houston. The Rockets are definitely a team to keep an eye on.

The Boston Celtics have continued to dominate like they have all season. They have a record of 21-4, and still lead the Eastern Conference. Marcus Morris has been a huge contribution to that, as he has had a fantastic season both offensively and defensively. Kyrie Irving, as expected, has proven to be the team’s best offensive asset. Last Thursday, they faced the Philadelphia 76ers and won the game by a score of 108-97. They then faced the Phoenix Suns on Saturday, and won that game 116-111. Monday night, they defeated the Milwaukee Bucks, 111-100. This team looks to be back on a roll, but with the Cleveland Cavaliers right on their tails, they still have some work to do if they want to maintain first place.

Speaking of the Cleveland Cavaliers, what a roller coaster their season has been! Through their first 12 games, they had a losing record and were not even ranked in the top 10 in the Eastern Conference. The Cavs have won all of their last 11 games, and they have significantly outscored their opponents from beyond the arc in nine of those games. Lebron James is starting to look like his normal self again, and Dwyane Wade has stepped it up offensively, as he hit three three-pointers in the team’s win against Atlanta on Thursday. In the past week, they defeated the Atlanta Hawks by a score of 121-114, they beat the Memphis Grizzlies 116-111, and they picked up a win against the Chicago Bulls on Monday, taking them down 113-91. The Celtics better watch out because this team is coming for them!

Other teams that dominated this week are the Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs only lost one game this week, which was a very close one against the Thunder, and the Warriors have won every game this past week, and are currently on a 4-game winning streak. Things are always changing in the NBA, which is why they just keep playing the games! We’ll see how the next quarter of the season turns out!

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