NBA Finals: Can Cavs Get Back In The Series?

Game 3 of the NBA Finals gets underway tonight and there are plenty of questions surrounding the defending champs. The obvious one, to begin with, is can they stop this offensive machine in the Golden State Warriors? Is there any way to contain Kevin Durant and Steph Curry? Will someone other than LeBron James step up and have a big game? The answers to those questions and more will decide if this is going to be a series or a monumental sweep.

The Warriors are trying to become the first team in NBA history to sweep through the playoffs and win the title. They have won 14 consecutive games to this point and some wonder if the Cavs have enough after James? Kevin Love had a good Game three, but the Cavs were still blown out.

In order to beat the Dubs, the Cabs will have to hold them under the 100-point mark and that is almost impossible with this team. Part of the problem is the Warriors defense that is playing, at times, as good as it’s offense. Klay Thompson may not have lit it up yet, but his defense is a thing to behold. J.R. Smith is going to have make his presence known much more and must take better shots. The Cavs are considering starting Iman Shumpert in his pace and that may work better on the defensive end. The problem there is you take a hit offensively and the Cavs can ill afford that.

Either way, James, who has been lights out, will have to be even better. He is the only hope these Cavs have at winning this series. This will not be last year where they come back from a 3-1 deficit. No sir, cause these are not the same Warriors as last year. Adding Durant was not just a game changer, it may be a title winning change. He is averaging 33 points a game in this series and looks as determined as anyone to get that first title.

Sit back relax and enjoy the show. By the end of the night, the NBA Finals will be all but over, or the Cavs may just make it a series.

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