NBA Basketball: Philadelphia Sixers Through One Week

The Sixers sit at .500 after a week of basketball, with a 2-2 record. They have played four games, and there are many things to analyze. Here is an in depth look at the four games so far.

NBA Swing: Indiana Pacers

The Indiana Pacers have been sticking right with the Washington Wizards this season. They currently trail the Wizards by one game, and have a record of 25-22, putting them in sixth place in the Eastern Conference. One of the reasons why the Pacers are not ranked in the top three teams is because they have […]

NBA East Coast Swing: Boston Celtics

As the NBA season continues to progress, we focus on a team this week that has had a tremendous performance so far this year. The Boston Celtics are continuing to soar through their season, as they currently hold a 23-6 record as of today. On Monday, they faced a tough loss to the Chicago Bulls, […]

NBA East Coast Swing: Miami Heat

The Miami Heat have had quite the season this year so far. Although their record is 10-9 and they sit at 8th place in the Eastern Conference, they have recently been dominating in their last few games. Last Wednesday, the Heat ended the Boston Celtics’ incredible 16-game winning streak by defeating them by a score […]

NBA Swing: The Eastern Conference

The NBA season is finally in full gear as teams are starting to click and figure out what they have to do in order to succeed¬†early in this season. Many teams have unexpectedly come out in a much higher position in the rankings than people would have expected them to. The Eastern Conference is surely […]