The March for the East

As of the most recent clash between the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers, the Eastern Conference’s top seed is still up for grabs. Despite an impressive beat down of the Celtics Wednesday, the team’s outlook for the playoffs is still up in the air after the troublesome month of March. Many still question whether this team […]

The Trade Deadline Frenzy

The All-Star Break has been the complete opposite of a break for NBA general managers with the flurry of moves made this past week and the potential for more as the trade deadline comes closer. Toronto gets defensive The Magic and Raptors started the fun on Valentine’s Day when Orlando traded forward Serge Ibaka to […]

James “Do’h” Lan

One must give the New York Knicks credit.  For a team whose record is 23-33, which makes them the 4th-worst team in the Eastern Conference; for a franchise that has a president who looks uninterested in the job and  a star player who’s future with the team is in limbo – they keep themselves as popular as […]

The NBA Swing January 28, 2017

More than halfway through the regular season, the outlook for the playoffs has started to materialize as all teams have had the chance to show their best to the NBA.Undoubtedly, the gateway to the Finals will run through Cleveland and the Bay Area, but the Washington Wizards have now become a sleeper to win the […]