Power Ranking the Top 5 NFL Teams 

Power Ranking the Top 5 NFL Teams 

Football is back! With week 1 of the new NFL season done and dusted, there have been some notable moments that are worth taking a look at for online sports betting fans. With a brand like Bet365 offering some of the best markets for NFL games, learning more about what teams are hot and what teams are not gives you an edge in betting knowledge. 

Some teams have come out looking unstoppable, while others still have a lot of improving to do as the season continues. The following are the top 5 teams so far after the first week of games. Spoiler alert: there aren’t going to be too many this early. 

  1. Kansas City Chiefs 

The reigning Superbowl champions from the midwest looked incredible in their first game of the 2020 season. Unlike most teams that win the big one, the Chiefs have actually gotten better with key player Patrick Mahones demonstrating that he is still improving his game after signing his massive contract in the offseason. Their win over the Texans was much more calculated than what they showed last year, and Mahomes is a large part of that. He only attempted one pass over 20 yards and they ran the ball more than they passed it. The Chiefs are the team to beat this year, and they could well be the first team to go back-to-back since the Patriots in 2004-05.


     2. Baltimore Ravens

The other team that many experts pick to make the Superbowl this year are the Ravens, and their performance in week 1 showed why. They looked deadly on the offensive end with Lamar Jackson guiding the team around brilliantly. Sure, they played the Browns, but their defense also looked improved from last year and if they keep it up expect the Ravens to be a big problem later in the year. 


     3. Seattle Seahawks

Russel Wilson, take a bow. The Seahawks main man looked unstoppable at times during their win against the Falcons, and thanks to Seattle embracing aggressiveness he was allowed to push the ball a lot in comparison to their last few seasons. If coach Pete Carroll focuses on building a lead and defending it like the Chief’s gameplan was last year, Seattle could easily be in the conversation for another Superbowl appearance.  

     4. New Orleans Saints

In one of the most anticipated games of week 1, the Saints were able to keep Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers in check with a very impressive defensive display. They are still the team to beat in the NFC South division and getting down and dirty like they did this game is a great feature of their overall team success. 

     5. Pittsburgh Steelers 

Despite the slow start, the Steelers ended up looking the goods against the Giants. Ben Roethlisberger isn’t over the hill yet, and while his return to the field resulted in some slow possessions early in the game, he settled into his rhythm and still looked like the player you would expect him to be. The Steelers should be super competitive all year thanks to their soul-destroying defense.

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