Opinion: The NFL Should Consider Delaying the 2020 Season

Opinion: The NFL Should Consider Delaying the 2020 Season

Is the NFL taking Coronavirus seriously? What is your opinion? Roger Goodell took important steps forward with player safety when he initiated a virtual draft, mandated a tier system to separate team personnel, and canceled the 2020 pre-season. Is that enough to keep players safe from Coronavirus? The simple answer is no.

Goodell needs to be a bit tougher in regards to keeping players safe from Coronavirus. He should start a poll for the players to get their opinions to get an idea of what action they’ll support. Goodell should’ve polled the players on a mandate requiring either masks or face shields on helmets. He may be better off just requiring masks or face shields anyway. It’s hard to think that players will be safe without either equipment. It’s not a guaranteed solution, but perhaps it will at least slow the spread of Coronavirus. It will be impossible to stop the spread altogether since Coronavirus can fit through the tiniest spaces in helmets.

At this point, the NFL needs to seriously consider delaying the season until October. It’s obvious that the NFL needs more time to implement better safety measures. The current measures in place simply won’t cut it. Goodell needs to realize and accept that he’s not doing enough to keep players safe at this time. Despite the lack of additional safety measures, Goodell is doing some things right. His best move was giving players the option to avoid playing this season. The opt-out shows Goodell is taking Coronavirus seriously to a degree and he shows some empathy towards the players. The opt-out was a great move and a necessary one. Goodell certainly is trying to do something to keep players safe. He just needs to do more.

Think about the social media reaction towards players who don’t wear masks or use face shields. Players will have major Twitter feuds against others that don’t take the spread of the virus seriously. Football players show their emotions. This is an emotional, passionate game. Players have to think about their parents, grandparents, spouses, and children. Chances are, players won’t take unnecessary risks by failing to use equipment to keep themselves and others safe. The chance of such major social media feuds should be minimal, but the chance is there.

The NFL needs to look at what’s happening in baseball. Some games were postponed which created a potential logistical nightmare. Could the NFL face a logistical and public relations nightmare? What if football players die because of COVID-19? We all get it;¬†the season is going to start with or without fan approval. It’s the pill everyone has to swallow. The NFL season won’t face a cancellation. It’s time for everyone to accept that. There is time to delay the season and buy time to implement additional safety measures. The ball is in Goodell’s court.

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