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The regular season of the NFL is coming to its close soon, and teams are really starting to show what they have in them! With Week 15 now in the books, we can start to see who will most likely make a playoff run. The first team that has been dominating all season and could potentially win their first Super Bowl ever since the big game originated is the Philadelphia Eagles. Overall, this team currently holds a record of 12-2 over 15 weeks of play. They are in first place in the NFC East, and also have the best record in all of the NFL right now. Carson Wentz is largely to thank for this team’s success on the field this year.

The selection of Wentz in the  2016 draft by Philadelphia proved to be very beneficial for them. This season, he threw for 33 touchdowns, 3,296 yards, and had 440 passing attempts. He had just seven interceptions and nine fumbles all season. The bad news is, Wentz tore his ACL so the Eagles have had to go on without him. If backup quarterback Nick Foles can deliver in pressure situations, then I can still see the Philadelphia Eagles having a good chance of winning it all because they have multiple players that can deliver both offensively and defensively.

As expected, the New England Patriots are another team that can potentially hoist the Lombardi trophy and win their second consecutive Super Bowl after coming back and defeating the Falcons last year in what proved to be a very exciting and unpredictable game. Tom Brady and his team defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday in a close game, 27-24. This game was the one in which the Patriots clinched their 9th straight AFC East title, and also a top three seed in the playoffs. New England currently has a season record of 11-3, as does Pittsburgh. They have the potential to clinch home-field advantage through the AFC championship, but that would also depend on how the Steelers and the Jaguars perform, and if the Patriots defeat the Buffalo Bills. Although the Patriots defense has struggled a bit this year, and Julian Edelman has been out all season with an injury, they have still managed to play well. As of now, the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles are many peoples’ predictions for the Super Bowl this year.

Other teams that are definitely worth keeping an eye on in the AFC are the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Kansas City Chiefs. For the NFC, other teams are the Minnesota Vikings, the Los Angeles Rams, and the New Orleans Saints. Anything can happen in playoff football, so it’s time to get excited!

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