Introducing Stellar Southpaw QB Tua Tagovailoa to the NFL

Tuanigamanuolepola “Tua” Tagovailoa. Let’s stick to the three-letter version instead of his given 18-letter first name. I believe we all can agree that it’s much

Miami Dolphins Could Be Dark Horse Playoff Contender

MIAMI- The Miami Dolphins did very little the last few seasons.  The team entered a rebuilding phase after it traded receiver Jarvis Landry two seasons

AFC East Preview: A look into the 2019-20 NFL Season

AFC East New England Patriots (11-5) The Patriots come into the season as defending champions (again), and there is no reason to expect they won’t

Three takeaways from Chicago’s stunning OT loss in Miami

Okay Bears fans, now that you’ve had a full day to digest Sunday’s heartbreaking defeat, let’s examine what we learned from the overtime loss in

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