Tom Brady, Earning His Seat

A weird thing happened on January 21st 2018.  Did you happen to witness it?  There isn’t really a word for what happened on the Gridiron that day.  Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were home favorites against a Jacksonville Jaguars team that was young, cocky and talented.   We all saw what happened on the […]

Beating Vegas: Follow the Road

Minnesota Vikings -2.5 at Carolina Panthers Follow the road. The Vikings are still top five in the NFL when it comes to total offense and total defense.  Quarterback Case Keenum has seen his popularity go from “he should be benched when Teddy Bridgewater is healthy” to “MVP candidate.”  Although the last claim may be a […]

Beating Vegas: Patriots; Whenever, Wherever

New England Patriots -6.5 versus Oakland Raiders (Game to be played at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, Mexico) After the Patriots manhandled the Broncos on Sunday Night Football, they decided to stay in Denver before flying back home.  Why?  Because coach Bill Belichick decided to keep his team practicing in a high-altitude-enviornment like the one […]

Pessimism in Jacksonville

Let’s look at back at the 2014 Draft Profile of Blake Bortles written by Nolan Nawrocki “Possesses ideal size, athletic ability, intangibles and enough arm strength to develop into an upper-echelon quarterback. . .his arrow is very clearly ascending.”  Fast forward to today and Blake Bortles looks like he may lose his starting job to […]