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Welcome the newest sponsor of NGSC Sports, RSports Baseball where the game of baseball has changed. Where fantasy baseball now becomes a reality baseball.!/



RSports is making it possible for you to call the shots – make the big, strategic decisions. Not just for one game but for the long-term success of the franchise and the benefit of YOUR entire organization. Watch the video to see what RSports cofounders Tory and Tony Hernandez have to say about the unique experience of running a ball club.

Fantasy franchises

For the first time, you can own and operate your own fantasy major league franchise. With your skill, and our advanced algorithms, the decisions you make as an owner can go beyond cash prizes to build real value in your club.
Learn what’s been missing from fantasy sports.

Real ownership

Until now, more than 90 percent of fantasy sports earnings went to just 1.3 percent of daily players. With RSports, winning a championship is just one way to earn revenues. Because you’re not just a fantasy player — you’re a franchise owner.

Building a Strong Franchise


Winning is just one way to earn revenues.
Ultimately, we’re all in this to win! But with RSports, you don’t need to win a championship to earn revenues. When you buy a franchise, you are truly buying a business. Just like owning a burger franchise, you don’t have to be the top performer to make money; the owner of the 10th best-performing restaurant in a franchise structure is still highly successful. The same is true for RSports.

Smart business management can create cash flow

Just like any major league sports franchise, the more you win, the more you make. But our measurements for creating revenues are also based on how well you run your business. By simply managing your assets, developing a solid farm system, and being a good executive, you can create cash flow.

Build equity and cash out — or sell shares and keep growing

As a business owner, you have equity. And as the value of your franchise increases over time, your equity grows. If you run a solid business, your share price will go up over time as the demand for teams becomes greater. Imagine buying a team today for 50 cents on the dollar, growing and developing it, and selling it in a couple of years to an interested investor for profit. You never have to win a championship. You can develop a team on the cusp of winning and spin it off to someone else. Or, sell shares and make a profit through offering minority interest in your club and cashing out some stock.
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