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For the Spring Issue, Football Edition

Pro Baller Weekly ( is a one hour show developed for Sports Lovers nationwide. It’s Basketball, Football, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, and all sports. Not only do we cover the usual professional sports: NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA, etc., but now there is a source for the coverage of Professional Sports at all levels. In a one hour period, each week host Alexis Levi along with random co-hosts will discuss the hot topics in sports, as well as interviews, Featured Guests. Soon we will be reaching out to get Professional Teams all over the world to join us in the effort to provide a marketing vehicle that will allow all professionals to receive visibility for the contribution that they are making for their team. Catch the podcasts below and enjoy.

ATTENTION!!!!!!! Pro Baller Weekly is expecting you at the Summer League Jam


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About Alexis:

First African American Woman to be Owner/CEO/GM of a Men’s Professional Basketball Team

2008 Top 150 Most Influential African Americans

Sports Agent: Sports Management Worldwide

Owner/Founder Alexis Levi Sports And Entertainment Group

Specialties: Business Savvy, The Connector: I am one off from most people of power and influence, Great Negotiator with the ability to get the job done.




Categories on the show will include:

The League:

Talks about the NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA, etc.

Inside the Locker Room:

Covers Locker Room Talk, Injuries, Records, & Trades

Full Court Press:

Identifies who is working hardest on the court and who is getting ready to move up the ranks.

Short Stop:

Top moves in the World of Baseball

Kick, Punt, Pass:

Football Favorites – Great Kickers, Punters, and Passers.

The Circle:

All about coaches – Who’s in and who’s out!

Time Out:

Looks at the good, the bad, and the ugly of professional sports.

PRO Baller Spotlight:

Highlighting the top athlete profile

Step Yo Game Up:

Talks about those that haven’t been making the mark

SHE Baller:

Highlighting the PRO Women’s Feature

The Huddle:

What specific teams need to do to overcome and win?


Who is going pro in the nation and internationally


Golf Insider

The PRO:

Your questions for your favorite PRO Athlete are answered


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