NFL: The Best Games of Week 9 Action Around the League

NFL: The Best Games of Week 9 Action Around the League

Another great week of NFL action is in the books with the conclusion of Week 9. With the focus now shifting to Week 10, let’s take a look at the best action from this past week.

The NFL has provided some great storylines The Cowboys got a much-needed win and lot’s of close games resulted in some good results. However, one game stood out from this week, but we’ll get to that in a bit

Here are the best games from Week 9:

Chiefs 26, Vikings 23

Despite the absence of star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City pulled out a gutsy win against a tough and resilient Minnesota team that is playing great to start the year.

Kirk Cousins: 19/38, 220 yards, and 3 touchdowns

Matt Moore: 25/35, 275 yards, 1 touchdown

While the KC defense has struggled as of late, this was a good win as they ride the emotions of a difficult wave as of late. It was a much a needed win to regain some momentum. Meanwhile, the Vikings were riding a streak of their own as they keep pace in the tough NFC North. However, they sit in a good place, just behind the first-place Packers.

One of the best games of the weekend no doubt.

49ers 28, Cardinals 25

Another great matchup between two stellar quarterbacks and their stat lines impressed as well:

Jimmy Garoppolo: 28/37, 317 yards, 4 touchdowns

Kyler Murray: 17/24, 241 yards, 2 touchdowns

Kenyan Drake also contributed with 110 rushing yards and a one rushing touchdown. Overall this was a long and hard-fought battle that ended up being very close.

Oh and don’t forget, these 49ers are 8-0. That is super impressive for a team that has been a bottom feeder in recent years. While the growing pains continue for Arizona, there is a lot to be excited about in the desert. Murray looks like he is getting more and more comfortable in this offense. Look for him to do some more damage as the season progresses.

Chargers 26, Packers 11

Perhaps the mighty Packers are mortal after all. Well, both quarterbacks were merely average in this game.

Philip Rivers: 21/28, 294 yards, no touchdowns

Aaron Rodgers: 23/35, 161 yards, 1 touchdown

Both rushing and passing sides of the Packers were nonexistent. Despite all of Rodgers attempts, the Packers could not get it going. Meanwhile, Rivers didn’t need to throw a touchdown for his team to be on top. Melvin Gordon punched in two touchdowns with 80 rushing yards to his name.

No need to panic, I think. Green Bay still sits atop their division with a 7-2 record. To doubt Rodgers is like doubting the Earth is round. You just don’t assume that position.

It was a good win for the struggling Chargers. However, there is still plenty of work ahead of them to make up some ground.

The NFL is a strange league at times. But, it’s the NFL. And that’s what we pay for. It has been a fun start to a season that seems to present some good competition.

For more on the NFL season as it progresses, stay tuned to NGSC Sports. Where we never stop.

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