NFL Football: A Look at the Top Games of Week 4

Carson Wentz of the Eagles during a celebration in the NFL season Week 4

The NFL is off to a rocking start. Let’s take a look at some of the best action from Week 4. There were some great games this past weekend.

Week 4 of the NFL season has finally concluded with Pittsburgh Steelers defeating the Cincinnati Bengals 27-3. While not the most enticing game, at least the Steelers have a win in the win column.

However, this is not the game we will be discussing. In fact, let’s recap some of Week 4’s best action. Hold on to your hats because there were indeed some good games.

1, Eagles 34 Packers 27 (Thursday night)

Okay, so maybe Thursday night football isn’t the best idea ever. However, this week’s matchup turned out to be really good. The kind of good where the game produced highlights and a controversial referee call. Those are always fun.

But just hearing Aaron Rodgers vs. Carson Wentz should be enough to interest anyone. Still not interested? How about this? The cornerback for the Eagles that made the game-winning play was on the practice squad prior to this game.

Here are some of the highlights:

This game had a lot on the line. Among those things, the Eagles season. Literally. If Philly would have lost this game they sit at 1-3, with slim playoff chances. Mind you, this team expects to compete for a Super Bowl title. There were some great performances from the Eagles side.

Running back Jordan Howard scored two touchdowns while rushing for 87 yards on 15 carries. He also added one more touchdown through the air. Wentz went 16 for 27 for 160 yards, three touchdowns, and no turnovers for a fine game. Meanwhile, his counterpart didn’t do so bad either. In fact, Rodgers started the game 10 for 10, and ultimately finished 34 for 53 for 422 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception. Oh and a fumble that set up a short Philly scoring drive.

Receiver Davante Adams had 10 catches for 180 yards before exiting the game with a toe injury. But there was more where that came from.

Remember that practice squad player? How did he get there? Cornerback Avonte Maddox was called for pass interference when fellow teammate Andrew Sendejo collided with him. The collision resulted in Maddox being carted off. Enter Craig James.

After having the Packers offense at first and goal, Rodgers threw four straight incompletions. The final pass was broken up and deflected by James. Overall, the game was full of excitement and saved the Eagles season. As for the Packers, their defense regressed and Rodgers looked more comfortable in the offense, but just couldn’t pull out the win. The NFL can be cruel.

2. Browns 40 Ravens 25

How about them Browns? Baker Mayfield continues to tell people to start believing. Maybe we should.

Mayfield threw for 342 yards and one touchdown while his backfield buddy Nick Chubb had a day from himself. He also had the biggest moment of the game when he broke threw for an 88-yard score.

To be fair, Lamar Jackson had been pretty stellar up to this point. He was the big reason for the Ravens starting 2-0. However, this Browns team can play and once they mold into the team they believe they can be, then this team will be tough to deal with.

With the Steelers in a rut and the Bengals being terrible, this division is possible to win for Cleveland. Odell Beckham Jr., Chubb, and Mayfield will have to be stellar. They are capable of it.

Here are the rest of the highlights:

3. Patriots 16 Bills 10

Now I know, Rams vs. Buccaneers was a thriller that saw  L.A. lose. But, this game has more significance. For once in a long time Mr. Tom Brady looked old and vulnerable. Granted his offensive line is hampered with injuries, Nonetheless, this game proved that the Patriots can be scared.

Brady had no touchdowns but threw an interception in the red zone on a day his receivers are also banged up. Plus, Buffalo’s defense is really good. Unfortunately, the Bills also suffered a low blow.

Quarterback Josh Allen suffered a helmet-to-helmet hit and was knocked out of the game. However, there was a bright spot to this game. It is for this reason that this game made it over other games.

Running back Frank Gore, age 36, joined an elite class of players. After gaining 100 yards on the ground, Gore reached the 15,000-yard mark for his career. Mind you he only needed 88 yards to get the milestone, but nonetheless he got there and it is so awesome for such a storied career.

Another note to add is that this 100-yard performance is the 45th of his career. He joins NFL royalty Emmitt Smith, Walter Payton, and Barry Sanders.

There was a lot of great action this weekend. And if you to stay up to date, be sure to stay tuned to NGSC Sports for all the latest in the NFL and other sports.

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