Antonio Brown and the Master Plan Behind Signing with New England

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown has captivated fans and media analysts everywhere during his tumultuous offseason. Brown’s Raider career ended Saturday morning, as Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden decided enough was enough. Through all their attempts to salvage the relationship, the damage ended up being too much.

It all started with Brown’s lack of participation during training camp due to poor cryotherapy. His frostbitten feet kept him sidelined. Shortly thereafter issues with his helmet arose. After threatening to retire and losing two helmet grievances with the NFL, Brown turned the chaos into a helmet sponsorship deal.

This is where things escalated. To Antonio Brown, the helmet deal ended up being great marketing. To the Raiders, it was a slap in the face and disrespectful.

They ended up fining Antonio Brown because he missed training camp during this process, and Brown wasn’t very pleased. He shared the paperwork on Instagram claiming his own team was out to get him. This led to a verbal altercation between Brown and Mayock. Brown apparently used racial slurs and threatened Mayock physically.

The next day the Raiders told Brown not to come to camp as there were rumblings that Brown wouldn’t just miss Week 1, but he was on the trading block.

However, Antonio Brown showed back up Friday and gave an emotional apology on the team. The Raiders seemingly immediately forgave him as they backtracked on a potential Week 1 suspension.

Then came Saturday morning, when the Raiders suspended Brown a second time for his most recent outburst. This time it voided all $29 million of Browns guaranteed money. This ended up being the last straw as Brown demanded he be released shortly thereafter.

Sure enough, the Raiders complied. Also, sure enough, in stepped the New England Patriots When the news broke that New England signed Brown to a 1-year $15 deal, it came at no surprise. The internet even expected it. News broke the next day that Brown has organized a social media team to help manufacture his release from the Raiders.

Sound suspicious? Perhaps.

The Patriots have a track record though for taking on troubled big-name veterans and giving them a shot. Brown is just the latest in the long line of them, maybe the most talented of them all. Could Brown have planned this whole process out? Unless he was a telekinetic genius probably not.

Did he ever want to be a Raider? At one time it’s most likely. As time went on though, the two parties were just at two different points in their lives.

The Raiders are trying to build a culture, while Brown wants to compete in super bowls. Despite the suspicious path it took to get here, both sides are now happy.

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