24 hours in the life of Antonio Brown

A lot can happen in 24 hours. you can go from extremely bold, to making a jackass of yourself and having to apologize for your actions. It was the craziest turn of events I’ve seen in a while and who knows where the next turn of events will come from in this drama.

Antonio Brown has started his career in Oakland with a bang! He applied to the NFL rules committee about trying to keep his old style helmet that he was comfortable playing in his first nine years with the Steelers. His appeal was denied twice, and he ended up with a new safe revolutionary helmet that the league approves.

Fast forward to Thursday, September 5th. There was an argument between Antonio Brown and 1st-year Raiders GM Mike Mayock, that’s initiated by Brown. It was allegedly brought on by AB, who had missed multiple practices, training camp exercises, and other team functions, which caused a hefty $53,950 in fines. A reported $40,000 fine came from missing training camp on August 18th cost him that steep price alone. The other $13,950 came from the collective bargaining rule book (article 42, section 1(A) that teams use to determine the amount of the fine that’s specified. There was a heated argument that ensued between Brown and Mayock, which a slur was shouted by Brown and he had to be removed. The very next day in a meeting with front office personnel and team captain’s, Brown issued an “emotional” apology for his actions towards Mayock. Brown said, “Everything has been blown out of proportion,” he told ESPN’s Dianna Russini. “I spoke with Mike Mayock one-on-one, man-to-man.”

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John Gruden spoke briefly about Brown’s actions,
“… I’m emotional about it, I hope you understand why. I think a lot of this guy. I think Antonio is a great receiver, and deep down I think he’s a really good guy. So, I’m frustrated, I’m not going to say anything more about it, hope it all works out. But I don’t have anything official to say about anything else until I get all the facts, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

24 hours in the life of Antonio Brown

If Brown would have been suspended for “conduct detrimental to the team” he could have lost $29 million in guarantees. It’s safe to say Brown is on a tight lease the rest of his tenure in Oakland/Las Vegas.

Oh and after all that he will now be wearing a New England Patriots uniform Monday in the season opener against the Broncos. A few hours after being released by the Raiders, Brown signed a one-year $15 million deal with the Pats.  Whew, what a life!

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