College Football Week 1 Recap and Surprising Upsets

College Football season has officially started as the collegiate athletes begin their journey towards the 2020 playoffs.

Florida in Miami kicked the season off with a classic as the eighth-ranked Gators held on for a 24-20 victory. Ranked teams winning would continue to be a theme this week.

The first week lacked any big or surprising upsets as the top seeds all took care of business. Big names such as Alabama, Clemson, Georgia and Ohio State all looked to be in midseason form.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma continues its trend of breeding quarterbacks. In his first start for the Sooners, the Alabama transfer Jalen Hurts threw for 322 yards and three touchdowns. He coupled that with a casual 176 yards and three more touchdowns on the ground.

Those are Lamar Jackson type of numbers. Safe to say Hurts will be on Heisman watch all season long.

Both Texas and LSU looked impressive as they blew their opponents out in route to victory. Penn State also put up an effortless 79 points on Idaho.

You read that right. 79 points in one game.

The Wolverines opened up a make or break year for Jim Harbaugh in impressive fashion, winning 40-21. Only time will tell if this season will be any different for the Wolverines though.

However, the biggest story comes AT&T Stadium in Arlington where 11th ranked Oregon took on 16th ranked Auburn.

With just :09 seconds left, Bo Nix kicked off a new era of Auburn football. He threw a strike to Seth Williams for a touchdown, shocking Oregon 27-21.

The score capped off 14 unanswered points by the Tigers in the fourth quarter. For the Ducks, certainly not the start they wanted, as they also saw Utah open their season with a comfortable victory.

The first week proved to be tame for what is sure to come in the 2019-2020 college football season. Fans and players everywhere are just excited to be back in action.

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