Just How Much Will the New Pass Interference Rules Affect the NFL?

On June 20th, the NFL Competition Committee announced the addition of reviewable pass interference calls for the upcoming season.

The NFL will test this rule for one season and go from there. Blown calls from big games in the past, none other than the Rams versus Saints in the NFC Championship, had led to this decision.

The rules will work just like any other challenge. This includes booth reviews only after the two-minute warning if they see as fit.

The decision was a unanimous one, as the NFL continues to dedicate themselves towards getting the calls correct.

However, the decision will undoubtedly have an effect on the pace of play. There is nothing fans hate more than an excessive amount of stoppages and commercial breaks.

The pass interference call is a critical one. With spot fouls applying, a big pass interference call is equivalent to a 50-yard completion.

These calls are common throughout the course of NFL games. Although it is usually on the refs’ shoulders for how tight they are deciding to call the game.

The pace of play already slowed down once all scoring plays became reviewable. Pass interference calls on top of that will not be the end of the world.

It is important for the right and deserving team to win these football games. The more power stripped from the referees in deciding the outcomes of games, the better.

When Nickell Robey-Coleman hit Tommy Lee-Lewis, this became the official straw to break the camel’s back. While an assortment of outcomes could have occurred, the Saints were most likely robbed of a super bowl appearance.

Sure these challenges will slow the game down a little more, but this is necessary. It is a good decision by the NFL, and worth a try for at least one season.

This will surely produce more accurately called games with a decisive outcome.

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