Top 10 NBA duos of All-Time: The debate continues to be hot and heavy

There has been a heavy debate on social media about the greatest NBA duos of All-Time, but how do you measure great teammates? It’s tough because all duos are from their different era’s and their teams’ success are not as viable than others. You had duos from the first dynasty like Russell and Cousy to now with Curry and Durant, which makes for a great debate. Who are the best duos to ever play in the NBA? Here are my top 10 duos:

1. Michael Jordan/Scottie Pippen

Chicago Bulls

This duo won six titles and ruled the ’90s and the only thing that I hate is that they could’ve gone for the clean sweep hadn’t Jordan retired. Their defensive prowess in the decade is probably overlooked, but they also beat five different teams with eight future Hall of Famers.

2. Magic Johnson/Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Los Angeles Lakers

Top 10

This dynamic duo played in the NBA Finals eight of the 10 times that were played in the ’80s. They were the innovators of “Showtime” which started a culture in the city of Los Angeles. Their Chemistry was very like no other during the Golden Era of the NBA.

3. Kobe Bryant/Shaquille O’Neal

Los Angeles Lakers

This duo was the second coming of Magic and Kareem, that guided the Lakers to three consecutive titles at the turn of the century. They were only the fourth team in NBA history to do so. If Kobe and Shaq would’ve mended their relationship they probably could have reeled off at least five in a row.

4. Bob Cousy/Bill Russell

Boston Celtics

If you talk about dynasties then these two started the term back in the ’50s and ’60s. Russell and Cousy won six titles before Bob retired in 1963. However, Russell won five more to bring him to a record 11 championships.

5. Larry Bird/Kevin McHale

Boston Celtics

Bird and McHale were the drive behind the Celtics in the 1980s as they battled Kareem and the Lakers for most of the decade. They would make the Finals five times in the decade, winning three titles.

6. LeBron James/Dwayne Wade

Miami Heat

Top 10

After “The Decision” LeBron took his talents to south beach to team up with his best friend Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. It would help start his dynamic run to eight straight NBA Finals. They would win two of the four straight Finals they would play in giving NBA fans one of the best runs in NBA history.

7. Stephen Curry/Kevin Durant

Golden State Warriors

Top 10

This duo was great in its short time in Oakland but they made the impact of any duo on this list. Durant and Curry are two of the best shooters the game has ever seen, they averaged 65 points a game combined on their way to back to back titles in 2017 & 2018. Durant would win back to back Finals MVP awards.

8. Oscar Robertson/Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Milwaukee Bucks

This was one of the best duos of the 1970s as Kareem and Oscar won their only title in 1971. A season where they would win 66 games on their way to a 12-2 postseason.

9. Karl Malone/John Stockton

Utah Jazz

This may be the greatest duo to never win a title and that’s mainly because of the #1 duo on this list. They worked the pick and roll all the way to back to back Finals appearances in the late ’90s. That’s crazy for the All-Time leader in assists and the second all-time leading scorer, who played 18 strong seasons in Salt Lake City.

10. Tim Duncan/David Robinson Tim Duncan

San Antonio Spurs

The twin towers in San Antonio had a great run in the late ’90s and early 2000’s winning their two championships before and after (’99,’03) Kobe and Shaq’s dominate three-peat. Duncan would go on to lead the Spurs to three more titles in his Hall of Fame career.

Honorable Mention: Julius Erving/Moses Malone

Philadelphia 76ers

These are my top 10 duos of all-time, but who would be your 10? Drop your top duos in the comment box below this article!

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