NBA Free Agency: Three reasons Klay Thompson fits in Atlanta

NBA Free Agency

The Atlanta Hawks are well on their way to becoming one of the most talked about teams in the entire NBA. If they can add that one superstar they need to become a contender in the Eastern Conference. Klay Thompson might just be that player that puts them over the top but let’s look into why he should choose Atlanta over his suitors.

First off, Thompson is half of the dynamic duo the “Splash Brothers” pairing himself with Stephen Curry. They may be the best shooting backcourt in NBA history. Atlanta has that same type player to pair him within Trae Young, a young shooter that has the potential to become one of the best point guards in the league. Young has that same charisma and swag that has made Curry one of the most recognizable faces in the world.



Secondly, the system that Atlanta and Lloyd Pierce are implementing with his young team is similar to what the Warriors run in Oakland. It would instantly upgrade the Hawks, which have a bevy of a young core of players that could possibly be one of the best in the league. Klay Thompson is one of the best catch and shoot players in the league and in this system he would have the same type of support that would compliment his style of play. Atlanta would also play the “small ball” lineup that could have Thompson on the court with Trae Young and Kevin Huerter, giving Atlanta one lethal trio. Thompson’s championship pedigree could also be very helpful to a Hawks roster that is full of young players. Developing them under Thompson could raise their ceiling tremendously.

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Golden State has a choice to make with Thompson, because of his torn ACL the Warriors could hesitate on signing him long term. According to the the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Hawks are “confident” they could sign him long term if he doesn’t reach a deal with the Warriors. Thompson grew up in the spotlight as his father Mychal Thompson (former #1 pick, 2-time NBA Champion) played 14 seasons in the NBA. Atlanta diverse culture, up and coming Hollywood feel would make Thompson feel at home in the south. Also, fans and analyst always talk about legacy with athletes in their respective sport, which means signing with the Hawks could help the city win its first major title since 1995 (Braves).


NBA Free Agency


This could be one of the biggest signings in the city of Atlanta’s sports history, but not let us get ahead of ourselves because the ball is in the Warriors court.

Welcome to NBA Free Agency 2019

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