Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks heading into 2019

Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks

It’s getting closer to training camp and that means it’s also time for my top 10 players at the skilled positions. I’m going to start with the quarterback position because it’s the most important position on the field. It is also one of the most debated lists on social media. The conversation can switch from a players stats to how many Lombardi trophies they have hoisted, but nevertheless, the topic is always a good one. Let’s get this show on the road!

Top 10 Quarterbacks

1. Patrick Mahomes

Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks

This kid has the cannon of Brett Favre and Dan Marino, but will that be enough to get him back to a 50 touchdown season? He may be without his top weapon which means his numbers could take a major hit, but I still think he sets himself up for back to back MVP campaigns.

2018 stats:

66% comp pct%

5, 097 passing yards

50 TD

12 int

2. Tom Brady

Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks

The champ is still around and putting the league on notice that he’s still top dog. Brady won his 6th ring and now looks to finish off his career in style. He lost his best receiver in Gronkowski, but the style of offense that the Patriots run it’ll be a piece of cake to keep this well-oiled machine running at full speed. If Brady can overcome father time look for him to be playing in his 4th straight Super Bowl.

2018 stats:

65.8% comp pct %

4,355 passing yards

29 TD

11 int

3. Andrew Luck

Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks

The 2018 comeback player of the year turned back the clock as he nearly set a career high in touchdown passes. His shoulder seemed fine all season while carrying the team to 9 wins in their last 10 games. He has a new weapon in Devin Funchess, which gives him a legit red zone target that may help him surpass his career totals in all categories. This could be a team to watch come January.

2018 stats:

67.3% comp pct%

4,593 passing yards

39 TD

15 int

4. Drew Brees

Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks

Brees has been one of the more consistent QB over the last decade, but 2018 didn’t add up on the stat sheet as he did not hit the 4,000-yard mark (3,992) for the first time since 2005, his final season in San Diego. The Saints nearly made it to Atlanta but fell short against the Rams, so they retooled his weapons this off-season to keep up with a very competitive division. He still has Alvin Kamara and Mike Thomas as main weapons, but will losing Mark Ingram be the biggest blow for this team and throw off his rhythm?

2018 stats:

74.4% comp pct%

3,992 passing yards

32 TD

5 int

5. Matt Ryan

The two hardest spots on my list were #4 and #5 as they were neck and neck in my opinion, but Brees moved up because of the teams’ overall success. Matt Ryan put up similar numbers that looked much like his MVP campaign in 2016 (38 TD, 7 int, 4,944 passing yards) but the Falcons suffered key injuries and l hit a rough patch through the middle of the season that the team could not recover from. However, they finished the season strong with 3 straight wins, which gives Ryan and the troops a great outlook.

2018 stats:

69.4% comp pct%

4,924 passing yards

35 TD

7 int

6. Aaron Rodgers

I know Aaron Rodgers is a baaad man, but his last two seasons have been tough because of injuries. He played through them last season but the Packers defense let them down at the tail end of the season. Therefore Rodgers only finished with only 25 touchdowns but the Packers needed more. Yes, they were able to run the ball (with key injuries on the O-Line) but Rodgers play action is key to their offensive scheme, something he seemed to get away from because of miscommunication with former coach Mike McCarthy. He has lost a lot of his weapons also, but maybe a young offensive-minded coach such as Matt Lafleur will open up the offense and let Rodgers play “his” game. Rodgers is 36, so his window is slowly closing.

2018 stats:

62.2% comp pct%

4,442 passing yards

25 TD

2 int

7. Ben Roethlisberger

This may be Big Ben’s toughest stretch of his Hall of Fame career. Pittsburgh lost two of the best offensive players in the same off-season (Brown and Bell)

which many see as the end of their run. However, Juju Smith-Schuster and James Conner proved they could help carry the load on offense and keep this engine running. After 15 seasons and 2 Super Bowl titles, Ben has found ways to adjust after losing key players.

2018 stats:

67% comp pct%

5,129 passing yards

34 TD

16 int

8. Russell Wilson

The NFL highest paid player may finally be on the road to redemption after throwing 69 touchdown passes the last two seasons. He finally has the necessary help at receiver and their running game has always been a staple that will continue to get stronger. Can the Seahawks defense do enough to help him through a rejuvenated NFC West? That is the biggest question they have a team.

2018 stats:

65.6% comp pct%

3,448 passing yards

35 TD

7 int

9. Philip Rivers

San Diego had one of their best seasons in a long time offensively and Rivers was one of the main reasons for the teams’ success. Rivers posted his best season statistically since 2013 (ironically his QB rating was 105.5) and he has the perfect groups of receivers and backs to compliment his arm talent, but can finally carry the team to a long overdue Super Bowl appearance? I think they will give the top tier AFC teams a tough battle again in 2019.

2018 stats:

68.3% comp pct%

4,308 passing yards

32 TD

12 int

10. Baker Mayfield

I always have a surprise up my sleeve and this year is no different as Baker Mayfield cracks my top 10. I wanted to put Wentz here but he’s an injury concern as of late, so why not take a chance on one of the young guns. Mayfield showed the NFL why Cleveland took him first overall in last year’s draft, by setting an NFL rookie record for touchdown passes and nearly leading the Browns to the playoffs. He may only get stronger with the offensive talent that GM John Dorsey has put around him. The only person that may him down is Baker Mayfield, keep an eye out for him this season. I GUARANTEE IT!

2018 stats:

63.8% comp pct%

3,725 passing yards

27 TD

14 int

These are my top 10 Quarterbacks heading into 2019 and now that you’ve checked out my list drop your 10 in the comment box below this article.

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