The firing of the Texans GM comes at a very peculiar time. However, does this reveal a power struggle that Bill O’Brien must deal with? What happens now to this team?

The Texans are a weird team to root for. It seems every year they are a piece away from being serious contenders. Unfortunately, the man that has given his body and soul to this organization has begun to show signs of frustration.

J.J. Watt made a brief Twitter appearance after the Texans announced the firing of GM Brian Gaine. It was a simple statement that read

The sad nature of Texans management has had a tumultuous history. Prior to Gaine being in charge, there was Rick Smith. In fact, Smith was famous for being the GM that drafted guys like Watt, Duane Brown, Brian Cushing, and Kareem Jackson.  One of those four are still here and you know who he is. Unfortunately for Smith, failed draft picks was the least of his problems.

Alongside draft mishaps, Smith never did anything major with the rosters he had. Ultimately, he was sacked and Gaine replaced him. Now three to four years after that, the Texans have still never reached an AFC Championship game, and the expectation is not dwindling anytime soon.

There is no secret that Bill O’Brien is in a world of trouble. The continuous postseason failure will eventually catch up to any team. But this is it for the Texans and O’Brien. It’s now or never.

So where does the team go from here? There are plenty of candidates to consider. However, is there a right man if the next GM doesn’t change a thing? In all honesty, this team may need a whole do-over. New coach, new players, the complete rebuild treatment. That is something Texans fans do not want to hear, but it may be necessary.

The unfortunate reality for this team and their head coach is that they no longer control their destiny. This roster, as constructed, have had their opportunities to finally make the dream a reality. Sadly, Mr. McNair is no longer here either. The longtime owner really believed Houston would finally see a championship the last five years. The result Texans fans received instead? Disappointment after disappointment.

There is no easy fix with this team. But maybe starting over again isn’t such a bad idea. They have a wonderful QB in Deshaun Watson, a cornerstone in Watt and one hell of a receiver in DeAndre Hopkins. But how many shortcomings can the Texans really afford going forward?

The simple fix that everyone believes is out there is not that simple. In fact, finding a great GM in any sport is difficult. It will take a man with guts. Someone who isn’t afraid to make bold moves when they need to happen. Perhaps this team needs a new voice. There are instances where teams respond better to a coaching change. The Buccaneers in 2002 did it in Jon Gruden’s first year as a new head coach. Tony Dungy turned Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts into a winner.

Overall, this is a tough situation to be in if you’re the Texans and the sad reality here is that it only gets tougher from here as Watt goes through his prime years. He deserves a real shot at winning a title and it would come as no surprise if he demanded a trade. Hopefully, the next man up knows his decisions. In my personal opinion, Bill O’Brien is not the man that’ll lead this team to the promised land.

So fans at NGSC Sports, who do you think should be next GM of the Texans and what are some moves you’d like to see by the new GM. Let us know in the comment section below and as always, stay tuned, and see you next time.

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