Don Wallace: Another former MLB player to get retro pension

Retro MLB Pensions: Don Wallace

For the second time in three years, as a result of my probing, a retired MLB player is about to get retroactive monies that should have been paid to him for the last nine years but haven’t, pending confirmation by the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.
Seventy-nine-year-old Don Wallace, a former California Angels player, had 52 game days of service credit in The Show; per the April 2011 agreement giving non-vested men such as him $625 for every 43 game days of service he was on an active MLB roster, he should have received gross payments totaling $5,850.
He hasn’t gotten a dime.
The Major League Baseball Players’ Union, the Major League Baseball Players’ Alumni Association and MLB continue to display an appalling lack of concern vis-a-vis these men. They don’t care about them, they don’t have any quality control mechanism to ensure that these payments are going out to those who should be receiving them and all they can do when presented with proof about their lack of oversight is shrug their shoulders and chalk it up to ‘falling through the cracks.’
I’d say I was surprised, but nothing about Rob Manfred, Tony Clark, Steve Rogers, and Dan Foster surprises me anymore.
Doug Gladstone, Author
“A Bitter Cup of Coffee”
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