Something that can seem so good can just go away in a blink of an eye. Tennessee Titans fans know how this feels really well. The Titans, who have victories over the defending Super Bowl champions, AFC champions, and America’s team find themselves starting from the outside in.

A victory against the Texans would have increased the Titans chances of making playoffs to 42 percent. Instead, they are now looking at a 14 percent chance of making the playoffs. Now it’s not to say they can’t make it because they do still have a chance but their only chance is winning out the season and hoping some other wild card teams will lose at every possible chance.

Two of the Titans six losses were by a point. In week five, they lost to the Buffalo Bills in a game we can all agree they should have won. In week seven, the Los Angeles Chargers edged out the Titans by one in London. Losses and wins go hand in hand with the Titans. Tennessee has three wins that were by a field goal against the Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Philadelphia Eagles. This had led the Titans to their record today at 5-6.

Before Monday, the Titans looked to stay in the hunt for the AFC South title. Hopes came utterly crashing after discovering the Texans are good, really good. It took little to zero effort for the Texans at that. Deshaun Watson was 19 of 24 for 210 yards and two touchdowns and Lamar Miller had 162 yards on 12 carries for a touchdown.

This match-up just very well showed you what direction these two teams are taking. Both teams have a young talented quarterback. The difference: the Texans actually have the pieces to help create Watson into an elite quarterback. Mariota has been absent in several games since entering the NFL and that’s because key pieces are missing for this Tennessee offense.

Before the season, I had to privilege of putting together teams on how I thought they would finish in the division. You could probably guess that as of today, I’m 0-4. AFC South Ranks by Preston: 4th: Houston Texans. 3rd: Indianapolis Colts. 2nd: Tennessee Titan. 1st: Jacksonville Jaguars. As you know Houston and Jacksonville switched my places. I could end up being correct about the Colts and the Titans but Andrew Luck and the Colts are on fire just like the Texans and don’t see them cooling off anytime soon.

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