TFC looking to play spoiler against Atlanta

TFC looking to play spoiler against Atlanta

One year ago Toronto FC was the team who set the MLS points record en route to winning the championship, now they are the team who is looking to stop another one from doing the same.

This Sunday’s match against Atlanta United is not just the last day of the regular season for Toronto FC. Instead, it’s a chance at denying their opponent a chance to clinch the community shield, along with breaking TFC’s point’s record which they set just one year ago.

TFC set the record for most points in a season last year. Strangely enough, they did it at Mercedes Benz Stadium, the home if Atlanta United. So now this Sunday, Atlanta will look to return the favor and do it on the defending champions home turf.

It has been an abysmal campaign for Toronto, after a record setting season and winning the MLS Cup just a year ago. There was a promise at the beginning of the year when they went on a run in the CONCACAF Champions League, but that same success didn’t transfer over into the regular season.

From the keeper position to the strikers, everyone struggled at times this season. Several injuries plagued the roster from the beginning to the end.  At times, discipline wasn’t there and players missed matches for dumb mistakes.

There were offseason signings which didn’t work out, and there were returning players who just struggled to play up to their potential.

Defensively, they were poor along with below average goalkeeper performances all season long. Lastly, at times the teams schedule didn’t help them at all with all the extra contests that come with being MLS Champions.

If you factor all of that into one season, you end up with the year TFC had.

But with so much on the line for Atlanta, Toronto will look to play spoiler on home turf and end a season full of negatives, on a positive note.

It is unclear what the lineup will look like come Sunday but you can most likely count on some new faces getting into the game.

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