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Offensive Problems hurting the Tennessee Titans

It takes a team to win, not an individual to lose. Many fans blamed former Tennessee Titans receiver Nick Williams for the loss against the Buffalo Bills this past week. The Titans, who were a three-point favorite, went down on a Steven Hauschka field goal to lose the game 13-12.

Don’t think I’m defending Williams for his wide-open drop, but if you’re a Titans fan, did you have no other options to throw it too? For those of you that may have not seen the play, let me break it down for you.

Buffalo leads 10-6 with ten minutes left to go in the fourth quarter. The Titans are sitting on a third and four on the 21-yard line. It’s a four-receiver set, two offset on Marcus Mariota’s left and right with Dion Lewis at the back. The ball is snapped and Corey Davis is instantly in double coverage. As they leave tight end Jonnu Smith wide open, Mariota has to scramble to uncover some would be tacklers. He finds Williams cutting a defender, running to the outside and drops a perfectly thrown touchdown pass.

Williams was released by the team this week. You have to feel bad for the guy. This was his moment to shine, something he’s worked hard to fight his way on a NFL team for. However, I’m not here to completely bash Williams. I’m writing this piece to get clarity on two things. The first: Corey Davis is the Titans best and only receiver, why not reach out to the free agent market and find some talented veteran experience for this young core. Two: You know how I mentioned Smith being wide open due to the double coverage on Davis and Mariota didn’t throw him the ball. If I was a Titans fan, I’d be extremely miffed and wondering if this offense can overcome these obstacles.

Now going back to the game, we all want to blame the Titans, but let’s give credit to the Bills defense. They forced three turnovers, not allowing any touchdowns and also sacking Mariota twice. LeSean McCoy also looked like he was back to life with 85 yards rushing. That’s his best outing since week 16 of last year. It might not have been a sweet victory like it was against the Minnesota Vikings, but it was a win for the Bills. Not all Bills vs Titans games end like Music City Miracle, but they sure do like to keep you watching till the final seconds.

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