Texas A&M vs Alabama: Aggies rolled down by the Tide

Texas A&M vs Alabama: Aggies rolled down by the Tide

The Aggies of Texas A&M fell to the Alabama Crimson Tide 45-23 in Tuscaloosa. Yet another assistant fails to beat Nick Saban as the Tide pulled away in the second half.

While the No. 22 ranked Texas A&M Aggies looked good for a bit, it was inevitable that the Alabama Crimson Tide would run away with the victory. Once again, Nick Saban defeats a former assistant. At first, it was a close game, but in typical Crimson Tide fashion, the game became a runaway. It was Bama’s magnificent QB that lead the charge.

QB Tua Tagovaiola put up 387 passing yards on 22 of 30 attempts. He added four touchdown passes and that is a complete performance that Alabama hasn’t seen consistently since No. 10 was the QB. Who was that guy? “The game manager.” That’s right. A.J. McCarron. The last time Alabama had him at the helm the Tide won two national titles. However, the Crimson Tide may have something even more special this time around.

A balanced rushing and passing attack were simply too much for the Aggies defensive scheme. On top of that, Safety Donovan Wilson was ejected for a targeting call after he hit Henry Ruggs III late in the first quarter. In the end, it turned out to be only a 27-minute battle before the Tide took off in the second half. The Crimson Tide defense also managed to hold running back Trayveon Williams to only 31 yards rushing.

Unfortunately for the Aggies, they just could not muster up a fight. Kellen Mond threw for 196 yards and one touchdown. However, Mond threw two interceptions and the help was non-existent. For now, Fisher’s team sits at 2-2 but their conference record is off to a 0-1 start. There is still much work left to do for Jimbo’s team. Among the things to work on is defensive discipline, offensive consistency, and they must use this as a confidence builder.

While the Aggies have been decent to start, there is still much to work on. But there is a growing confidence that Jimbo is on the right track. In fairness, what was to be expected out of this group? The answer is simple, nothing. So in this case, it was expected for the Aggies to fall against the Tide. But, it was a valiant 27-minute fight. Now Jimbo’s men must learn how to start and finish the mission. For now, it’s time for the Aggies to focus on their next opponent.

There is a bright side to this, and that is sophomore QB Kellen Mond. Indeed, he has looked solid through four games, and if there is something that has been missing for the A&M program, it is consistency. The only thing the Aggies can do from here is gain confidence and build from this game. A&M will need that confidence in order to take on Arkansas at AT&T Stadium. Recall that the last couple of encounters between these two ended in overtime wins for the Aggies.

Overall, this game is not a total loss. Yes, it is officially a loss record wise, but it is an opportunity for growth. Winning teams often learn the hard way before they become winners. Jimbo Fisher understands that. Believe it or not, the Aggies are on their way to greatness.

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