2018 Tennessee Titans Game One Preview

2018 Tennessee Titans Game One Preview

The start of the 2018 regular season is here. We’ve waited since the Eagles stunned Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Brady and the gang ended the 2017 campaign for the Tennessee Titans in orderly fashion winning 35-14.

The Titans start off the season with a trip to Miami to take on the Dolphins. As much excitement as the media has for the underrated Titans, the Dolphins are looking to add their name to the mix. With Ryan Tannehill coming back, it’s going to be hard not having Jarvis Landry to throw to. Now, number one receiver DaVante Parker will be unavailable for Game 1. Tannehill has Kenny Stills and newly acquired receivers Danny Amendola and Albert Wilson to heave the ball to.

The Titans will get receiver Rishard Matthews,  who spent his first four seasons with Miami, back from injury. “I’m excited,” Matthews said. “And I think I am as good as I am going to be right now. I’m ready to go in there and contribute wherever they need me to.” Corey Davis will be on the other side of the ball for the Titans. Davis is looking to have a huge year after coming off a disappointing season.

Advantage: Titans

For Miami, new additions Frank Gore and Kenyan Drake will be running back by committee. Gore is the veteran and bigger back and he’ll most likely get the third down and red zone carries. Drake will get a lot of the other carries. Don’t sleep on third-stringer Kalen Ballage either. If there is an injury to either one of the starting backs, Ballage will be well-equipped machine able to do the work.

The Titans will have a familiar face at running back but this time he’ll be starting. DeMarco Murray was released by the Titans in order for Derrick Henry to start his time. They also acquired Dion Lewis from the Patriots. Henry will receive the majority of the carries, but Lewis is great as a passing catch back.

Advantage: Titans

It’s going to be an exciting time to be a Dolphins fan because Tannehill is actually healthy. He takes over the job from Jay Cutler and is a significant improvement over Cutler. It’ll be interesting to see how he will do in a change of offense from the last time he saw it.

The Titans having been looking for Mariota to be the answer they’ve been looking for. Mariota’s been an average QB since he’s entered the league as the number two overall pick. One stat that’s extremely eye-catching is his red zone efficiency. Mariota has not thrown a single interception in his career there. That’s an eye-popper if I ever saw one.

The Titans found their franchise QB but I’m not sure how much of Tannehill the Dolphins can stand any longer.

Advantage: Titans

I know I have Titans all across the board, but the biggest thing for Tennessee is the defense. Some key players for the Titans are injured and are unable to play against the Dolphins. I’m looking for Tannehill to take advantage of small linebacking group. However, I still don’t think it’ll be enough.

Titans take this one 28-17.

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