Warriors vs. Rockets: It comes down to a Game 7

Warriors vs. Rockets: It comes down to a Game 7

The battle for the West comes down to a Game 7 in Houston. Warriors vs. Rockets for a spot in the NBA Finals.

What are the two greatest words in sports? Game Seven. Tonight will be a fun one as the Houston Rockets look to their home crowd for support against the Golden State Warriors. However, it won’t be easy to pull off the impossible. Here are a couple of stats that will help fans understand the magnitude of this game.

Defending NBA champions are 8-0 in Game 7’s. Home teams have won 80% of Game 7’s, which amounts to a 104-27 record. In other words, history favors both teams to an extent. However considering the injuries that have occurred in this series, history is thrown out the window tonight. Because the only thing that is certain is that these two heavyweights will go mano a mano one more time with the winner taking a trip to the NBA Finals. While the Warriors would be making a fourth straight trip, it would be the first time the Rockets make the finals since the 1994-95 season, nearly 24 years ago. Unfortunately, Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon won’t be suiting up for this one and  Chris Paul may not be either.

Indeed, CP3’s bad hammy may once again derail his hopes of reaching the finals. As a matter of fact, Chris Paul teams are 1-4 in playoff games he’s missed. However, this is a different team he is apart of. In fact, much different than his New Orleans and L.A. teams. In order for the narrative to change his backcourt teammate, James Harden must show up tonight.

Meanwhile, on the other side, there is another player with Game 7 demons to write off. That’s right, it’s Kevin Durant. Indeed, the last time the NBA saw KD in a Game 7 it was against his current team. Anyone remember how that ended?


Regardless, tonight is different than that night in Oakland. While the Warriors are heavy favorites, don’t sleep on the Rockets. They are where they expected to be when Daryl Morey put this roster together. Now, it’s time for Houston to buck up, with or without CP3. Maybe that is a task too tall. But Houston has thrived under this kind of pressure all season long. This is the moment Houston has prepared itself for.

Most likely, the winner of this game is the likely NBA champion, although no one wants to bet against LeBron James. Even with a hobbled Chris Paul, the Rockets would benefit from his presence on the court. It’s a great time to be a fan of both teams. Monday night will see a great game featuring the present dynasty and the contender looking to make their mark on the league.

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