The Finals before the Final

When the National Hockey League started the 2017-18 season, 31 teams began their quest for the Stanley Cup. Fast forward to now, 4 teams still remain.

The Vegas Golden Knights and the Winnipeg Jets are representing the Western Conference. The Washington Capitals and the Tampa Bay Lighting are representing the Eastern Conference.

Western Conference Finals:

The Golden Knights and the Jets are both trying to attempt to make history. For both teams, this will be their first ever conference championship and the ability to compete for Lord’s Stanley Cup. The only difference is Winnipeg joined the NHL in 1979 and Vegas joined in 2018.

Two games are in the books and the series is tied 1-1, heading back to Vegas.

In game 1, many thought Winnipeg wouldn’t be as ready to go as Vegas. The Jets took the Nashville Predators to game 7 and two days later had to open up the series. The Knights had a week to rest and get prepared for their next opponent.

Winnipeg defeated Vegas 4-2 in game 1

Vegas defeated Winnipeg 3-1 in game 2

They now head into Vegas. Will Vegas take advantage of home-ice and snag two wins to go up 3 games to 1? This series will definitely be intriguing and the next time you’re able to catch a glimpse will be on Wednesday.

Eastern Conference Finals:

Were we ever going to see the Washington Capitals make it further then the second round of the playoffs? They were finally able to defeat the Penguins. The curse of the Presidents Trophy struck on the Caps in consecutive years. This was the first year in three years, that they didn’t receive the trophy and ironically made it past the Penguins.

They currently lead over the Tampa Bay Lighting 2 games to 0 heading into Washington. Tampa Bay had to battle with Boston in order to advance to the conference finals.

Washington defeated Tampa Bay 4 to 2 in game 1

Washington defeated Tampa Bay 6-2 in game 2

Washington does present the best record away. Can Tampa Bay cause problems in Washington to make this a series? Stay tuned into this series, if it even is one.

My Prediction: Washington takes on Vegas in the Stanley Cup.

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