NFL Week 6 Picks: Will a Winless Team be Victorious?

NFL Week 6 Picks: Will a Winless Team be Victorious?

I really enjoyed that Thursday night game when the Eagles flew into the Panthers den and came away with a victory in a tight battle between two playoff-bound teams.  I started Week 6 in the NFL well with a Philly win and look to continue the streak!  We have one unbeaten team in Kansas City and three winless squads in Cleveland, San Francisco, and the New York Giants.  So what’s more likely to happen?  The Chiefs stay undefeated or one of the defeated finally becomes victorious?  Let’s take a look at the Week 6 matchups and make some picks shall we…

Dolphins vs Falcons:  How did Miami get two wins?  They haven’t scored an offensive touchdown in the last two weeks.  Now they hit the road to take on the rested Falcons who get Julio Jones back in the lineup!  However, Mohamed Sanu is out, so look for the speedy Taylor Gabriel to get more involved in Atlanta’s offense.  The Dolphins are pitiful on offense and it’s a pity because they have a pretty good defense that’s on the field all game long.  Maybe Miami gets another defensive touchdown.  Still, won’t matter!  The Dolphins can’t score, the Falcons can…..end of story!  Falcons 27 – Dolphins 17

Bears vs Ravens:  The Bears will get destroyed!  Going to Baltimore in rookie QB Mitchell Trubisky’s first road game is going to be a nightmare.  Chicago will fight hard but like the movie “The Revenant” when all is said an done, the Bears will get shot down!  The Ravens defense is going to come after Trubisky like a man in a flannel shirt during hunting season.  I expect the rookie to look like one on Sunday while Baltimore looks to stay atop the AFC North.  Ravens 28 – Bears 6

Browns vs Texans:  Well this winless team will remain that way after they visit Houston to take on the revamped offense of the Texans led by DeShaun Watson.  Unfortunately, Houston does indeed have a problem as they lost J.J. Watt again for the season as well as stud linebacker Whitney Mercilus on IR.  Just a shame for a team coming together and finally found their franchise quarterback after years of relying on the defense.  Kevin Hogan gets the start for Cleveland but even if Hulk Hogan were under center, they still couldn’t beat the Texans on the road.  Texans 32 – Browns 16

Packers vs Vikings:  Upset of the week folks.  Divisional games are tough to predict.  Case Keenum will get the start in place of the often injured Sam Bradford.  Other than home field advantage, all signs point toward Aaron Rodgers and the Packers improving to 5 – 1 on the season.  But Minnesota has a great defense that’s very familiar with Green Bay’s schemes so if the D plays a solid game I believe the Vikings offense can score enough points to get the win and a share of 1st place in the NFC North.  I predict Rodgers commits two turnovers that will help the Vikes get the victory.  Vikings 20 – Packers 17






Lions vs Saints:  Detroit lost last week despite Matthew Stafford’s heroics in the 4th quarter.  The Lions scored two touchdowns to get within three points as the highest paid QB in the league fought through pain in his ankle and hamstring during the 4th quarter.  Stafford’s determination was inspiring to his teammates which I believe will carry over into week 6 in New Orleans.  The Saints are coming off a bye after dismantling the Dolphins in London and trading away a failed project in Adrian Peterson.  I think Drew Bress will be pressured early and often throwing off Sean Payton’s offense while the defense will be no match for Detroit’s complex offense.  Lions 33 – Saints 24

Patriots vs Jets:  It is rather humorous that both teams are 3 – 2 and will battle it out at Met Life Stadium for 1st place in the AFC East.  I wasn’t sure the J-E-T-S would get three wins all season.  Hey, some “experts” thought the Patriots would go 15 – 1 or even undefeated this season.  That’s one of the million reasons why the NFL is so great.  I’m going to make this simple.  Bill Belichick and Tom Brady know they cannot afford to lose this game and quite frankly would be embarrassed if they do.  Tommy boy won’t let that happen and with extra rest from their Thursday night victory in Tampa Bay last week I see the Pats taking care of business.  Patriots 27 – Jets 13

49ers vs Redskins:  You know how I feel about a west coast team traveling east for the 1:00 pm EST games.  In case you don’t know it’s a tough task.  Especially when you’re an 0 – 5 Niners team going to the Nations Capitol after their opponent recuperated from their bye week and are hungry for a victory.  Washington beat up the Raiders in Week 3 and then gave the undefeated Chiefs a run for their money as the game came down to the final seconds.  The Redskins have had to sit on that defeat for the past two weeks and it’s a very uncomfortable seat.  One in which they’ll get off when the 49ers come to town Sunday.  San Francisco, despite being winless usually puts up a good fight.  In their last four games, they’ve lost by a combined total of just 11 points and two of those games were in overtime.  Unfortunately, I think this is the game they lose by double digits.  Redskins 30 – 49ers 17

Buccaneers vs Cardinals:  Possibly the least exciting game on the Week 6 schedule.  The only intrigue is that Adrian Peterson will suit up in his 3rd uniform over the last two seasons as he gets the start at running back for Arizona.  I don’t see Peterson helping the Cardinals much in this game and as the year progresses.  But I’m not opposed to the trade since they only gave up a conditional 6th round pick to get the future Hall of Fame RB.  Many expected the Bucs to be a playoff team behind Jameis Winston in his 3rd season but they’ve yet to get it together offensively.  Arizona still has a solid defense who will force turnovers and dictate field position to win this game.  Cardinals 23 – Bucs 18

Rams vs Jaguars:  A very intriguing matchup here between two unlikely first-place teams both with 3 – 2 records.  Here’s the simplest breakdown I can make for this game.  The Jags still have serious questions about Blake Bortles and if not for rookie running back Leonard Fournette, Jacksonville probably would be 2 – 3 or worse.  Fournette is the real deal and if he gets going then the Jags have a chance.  I like their defense a lot.  They’re young, fast and hungry!  The Rams defense is very similar in that way and can win games on their own.  What separates these teams is that L.A. is solid in all three phases of the game (offense, defense, and special teams).  Jacksonville can’t really pass the ball effectively so if the Rams put up points early it will be along day for the Jags.  But I think they’re tough enough on defense to keep this game respectable.  Let’s see if last weeks win over the Steelers was a fluke.  Rams 26 – Jaguars 23







Steelers vs Chiefs:  Game of the week!  At least on paper.  I just mentioned that the Jaguars beat Pittsburgh last week but I failed to elaborate that Big Ben threw a career-worst five interceptions.  Part of it was the Jags D but most of it was bad decision making by their franchise quarterback.  I doubt he’ll make those mistakes again but it may not matter because the Chiefs can force you to make mistakes.  Kansas City’s defense is ferocious and will paint Ben’s jersey red from all the hits he’ll take.  The Steelers have a very good defense themselves but they are going against the most efficient offense in the NFL at Arrowhead where the stadium is so loud Big Ben may not hear his own cadence.  Pitt will put up a fight because they do play to the level of their competition but I don’t see how they get out of Kansas City with a win unless Le’Veon Bell runs for 200 yards.  Chiefs 29 – Steelers 22

Chargers vs Raiders:  Derek Carr is back for Oakland and the Chargers are back in the win column after squeaking past the most disappointing team in the league, the Midgets…I mean Giants, sorry.  We see how much of a different team the Raiders are when Carr is under center.  Problem is that Amari Cooper hasn’t caught a pass since practice in week 1 and Crabtree is still pretty banged up.  They’ll need Marshawn Lynch to go full beast mode to win this game.  If the Chargers are prepared for the run game and play man defense effectively then they have a great chance to pick up win number two.  The Raiders defense will need to cause turnovers to get a much needed win to get back on track.  I’m taking the road dog here ladies and gentlemen.  Chargers 23 – Raiders 21 

Giants vs Broncos:  As someone who’s lived in New York basically my entire life, I know how insane Giants fans are going right now.  They want the whole team gone, the coaches fired and the jerseys burned so they don’t infect the locker room with some bubonic plague.  Here’s the Giants team breakdown.  Denver is coming off their bye week and what better way to get the season going again then to face a winless team?!  The Broncos will run the ball to open up Thomas and Sanders down the field for big play potential.  Also since Eli has nobody left to throw passes to I’d bet they try and run early and often to keep Denver’s offense on the sideline.  Problem is you can’t run on Denver so interceptions will be plentiful.  My prediction for Eli’s stats for the game – 173 yards 0 TD’s and 3 INT’s.  Guess who I’m picking!?  Broncos 35 – Giants 10


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