Buffalo Bills Playing Big Boy Ball

Buffalo Bills Playing Big Boy Ball

The Bills have shown the NFL that they’re no joke this time around.  In consecutive weeks they defeated two unbeaten teams in Denver last Sunday and Atlanta yesterday.  Buffalo looked like the better team each time and controlled the pace of the game.  The Bills are leading the NFL in defensive points against allowing only 13.5 per game through the first quarter of the season.  First-year head coach Sean McDermott has his Bills playing big boy football.







Buffalo’s only loss came on the road in Carolina where the Panthers struggled to put up nine points.  That was enough since the Bills only scored a single field goal.  At that moment in Week 2, many were thinking same old Bills.  No offense whatsoever.  Well, they may not have the best offense in the league but there’s an old saying we’re all familiar with “Defense Wins Championships.”  Just look at the Broncos in Peyton Manning’s last season.  Many other examples exist of great defenses winning with mediocre offenses.  The Patriots did it in the early 2000’s, the Steelers pulled it off in 2005 and even more recently was the Seahawks when they beat Peyton’s Broncos 3 years ago.

The Bills do have play-makers on offense despite losing Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods.  Tyrod Taylor is so much better than people realize.  He’s very smart and has natural football intelligence.  Taylor rarely turns the ball over which is rule #1 when you have a big boy defense.  LeSean McCoy may be aging and a shady self of what he was back in Philly but we know he can still make big plays.

How about tight end Charles Clay!  Remember how nobody knew who Delanie Walker was a few seasons ago!  That’s kind of like Clay who has come on the scene over the past couple of seasons and has turned himself into a fantastic pass-catching tight end.

So are the 2017 Buffalo Bills for real?  It seems they give their fans hope during the early part of the season then fall apart in the last quarter of the schedule.  Maybe they’ve learned their lesson from years past and will ride their defense to the postseason.  With the Dolphins and Jets looking average at best and the Patriots struggling to find themselves, the Bills can really take a nice early lead in the AFC East.  Right now they lead their division with a 3 – 1 record.

Buffalo’s remaining schedule isn’t too tough on paper.  The best teams they play outside their division are at home vs Oakland and then at Arrowhead Stadium to take on the Chiefs in week 12.  The keys for the Bills to make the playoffs or perhaps set the football world on fire and dethrone the Patriots as division champs are as follows:

  • Stay healthy (Duh)
  • Don’t turn the ball over
  • Trust the defense
  • Don’t make unnecessary penalties
  • Keep the defense fresh with ball controlled offense

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