Give Terrell Owens Some Respect

It’s amazing what perception can do.  And what is perception, really?  One definition you can find with a quick Google search is: “a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.”  With that being said, the “mental impression” Terrell Owens has left on many sports writers and fans alike is the term “locker room cancer.”

This is another case of people taking sports a little too serious – even in terms of sports writers.  Those who are selected to the Hall of Fame are supposed to be there because of the numbers they have garnered in their careers.  Those who try to convince you otherwise, are just making excuses in such a fashion that is to strictly benefit their agenda.

Make an argument for Lawrence Taylor.  OJ Simpson.  Even Darren Sharper who was actually on a list of nominees for the hall – like really? A convicted rapist?

What is T.O.’s crime?  Holding out for more money and calling guys out on his team because he wanted to win games.  That’s what he did, that has “enraged” sports fans and sports writers alike.

Looking at the numbers, Terrell Owens is 8th all time in receptions (1,078), 2nd in receiving yards (15,934), third in touchdown receptions (153) and is currently the only player in NFL history to score not only once but twice against all thirty-two teams in the NFL.

The fact that he doesn’t even crack the top-10 in Hall of Fame votes is just ridiculous.  The often injured Terrell Davis made it.  Four of the seven years he played were stellar – but injury or not – it was four seasons of excellence – compared to Owens’ fifteen year career, where you can make an argument that he had at least 11 very productive seasons.  Kurt Warner’s career numbers are the type that if he was just about anybody else people would question how he had a five year gap in which he was just pitiful and looked pretty much done – then suddenly he woke up from 2007-2009 to put up above-average numbers at the quarterback position.  Let’s also not forget that two of those three seasons in his Rams’ prime – he posted interception numbers of 18 and 22. . . LaDainian Tomlinson, without a doubt deserves the honor – and although Morten Anderson was a great kicker. . . bottom line is, he’s a kicker. . .

Terrell Owens’ career is a lot better told than those previous names (excluding Tomlinson’s) but because he called out Donovan McNabb for being out of shape during a Super Bowl, or because he told folks to “Get your popcorn ready,” he is vilified for no real reason.

With that being said, wide-receivers seemingly must wait an eon to get into the hall of fame – this is understood.  But to downplay this man’s career and make excuses as to why he shouldn’t be in the hall, is straight up buffoonery.

G.W. Gras

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